On happiness and human potentials: A Review of Research on Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-Being

Research topics in the psychology of well-being, the ups and downs. Learning methodological developments concerning multi-level modeling and comparisons also allows researchers to formulate new questions for the field. Physical health and emotions.

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  • The essence of the methodological individualism. Development modern game theory. Kinds technological forms of social knowledge. Public and private aspects of information. The role of information and knowledge in the development of the social system.

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  • Getting to know the peculiarities of the traditional British breakfast. Food as a source of energy for human life. Сharacteristics of the British, American and Kazakh cuisine. Features of influence of the traditions of planning the human diet worldwide.

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  • The population of Ukraine from different points of view: demographic, social, state or economic. The qualitative composition of the country's population and the processes that influence, changes from 1990 to 2018. The level of urbanization in Ukraine.

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  • Consideration of the problem of gender in the humanities (sociology, psychology, cultural studies and linguistics). Definitions of gender, its role in the study of social relations, personality psychology, culture. Language characteristics of discourse.

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  • Analyzing the concept of "civilization" and "values" from the point of view of different sciences. On the basis of research of scientists, determination of the priorities of the value sphere of youth in the contradictory conditions of modern civilization.

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  • The cases of norwegian-russian and french-russian marital unions, using the to sociology and jurisprudence method of scientific research. The material carries anthropological character, which explains the use of the methods of historical sciences.

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  • Acquaintance with history of the formation and development of subcultures: mod, skinhead, hippie, rocker, goth, motorcycle club, punk and emo. Research and characteristics of former subculture of the soviet union: young pioneer organization, komsomol.

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  • Consideration of the current situation of demographic crisis in Ukraine, to identify its causes and impact on national security of the country in social and humanitarian sphere. Analysis of the structure and trends of main population health indicators.

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  • Concept and health indicators, the impact on his bad habits. A study of factors that influence the choice of people to stick to a certain type of lifestyle on the example of people aged 14 to 40 years old. The stages of the analysis and the results.

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  • The regularities and specifics of socio-demographic of family modernization. The research of the factors that has impact on the students reproductive behavior in Georgia. Position of the traditional attitude towards the family and marriage relationships.

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