Grammatical categories in modern English

Problems of part of speech classification in modern English. Notional parts of speech in English. Grammatical categories denoting time and character of the action. Main notions of grammar. Grammatical meaning, form. Theoretical grammar and its subject.

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  • The Object of Stylistics. Expressive Resources of the Language. The Theory of Functional Styles. Grammatical metaphor and types of grammatical transposition, stylistic potential of the parts of speech. Decoding stylistics and Its Fundamental Notions.

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  • Modern forms of the verb, grammatical verbal constructions, characteristic of the English-language annotation of the scientific article, peculiarities of their use. Similarities and differences in the grammar of the two languages, means of translation.

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  • Analysis of the grammatical aspects of the translation from English into Ukrainian. The concept and classification of translational transformations, the causes and specifics of their use. Features translation of grammatical categories in Ukrainian.

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  • The Word as the Central Unit of the Language, Lexical and Grammatical Meaning of the Word. Their Usage in English Language and Phraseological Units and Idiomatic Expressions. Grammatical meaning is defined as the expression in Speech of relationships.

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  • Investigation of the peculiarities of the process of formulation in modern English. Determination of replenishment of the vocabulary and improvement of the grammatical system of speech. Flashing is one of the most productive ways of word formation.

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  • Five main categories of Germanic languages. The history of the English verb. The characteristic of the Modern English verbs, main groups of strong verbs. Tense of the English verbs. Peculiarities of aspect in English. The forms of suppletive verbs.

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  • Theoretical Survey of the Process of Teaching Grammar. The Difficulties Pupils Have in Assimilating English. Teaching Techniques and Activities on Presenting New Grammatical Structure in the 8th Grade. Experimental Analysis of the Theoretical Approach.

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  • Grammatical job with creative exercises on the basis of professional terminology, which were created by the compilers. Check grammar skills by means of tests. Guide to the development of communication skills in the field of professional communication.

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  • The theoretical and practical value of english lexicology. The connection of lexicology with phonetics, stylistics, grammar. Substantivization of adjectives, criteria of semantic derivation. Syntactical classification of phraseological units, antonyms.

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  • Lexico-Semantic Peculiarities of Context in Modern English. The essential characteristics of linguistic context. The problem of lexical and grammatical valency. The characteristic features of non-linguistic context. Textual Representation in English.

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