Grammatical categories in modern English

Problems of part of speech classification in modern English. Notional parts of speech in English. Grammatical categories denoting time and character of the action. Main notions of grammar. Grammatical meaning, form. Theoretical grammar and its subject.

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  • Analysis of the procedural nature of the action as an characteristic of the functioning of English and Russian as a foreign language. Substantiation of the development of the communicative competence of listeners through the assimilation of grammar.

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  • Classification of borrowings according to the language from which they were borrowed: Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, German, Russian, Holland. Etymological doublets of the English words. The studies different grammatical forms borrowings.

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  • The typical mistakes in the English punctuation and the correct rules of the using an apostrophe. The most important grammar rules. This is very useful material for all learners who want to understand English more deeply and use it in an appropriate way.

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  • Content of American English. Thousands of differences in detail between British and American English. Lexical differences of american variant. Differences in writing some words in american and british variants of language. American grammatical difference.

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  • Written and spoken forms of British and American English. Main lexical and grammatical divergences. The differences in lexis or vocabulary between British and American English. Words and phrases with different meanings. Social and cultural differences.

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  • Grammar as science is a branch of linguistics which studies the grammatical structure of the language, the laws of construction of meaningful speech segments in this language. analysis of the stage of grammar and provides sample tasks for each stage.

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  • The semantic structure of English and Ukrainian words. The socio-linguistic, psychological and logical classification of semantic change. Both the lexical and the grammatical meanings make up the word-meaning as neither can exist without the other.

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  • Features English predicate, as one of the main parts of the sentence. Its function, value and classification. Analysis of the novel "Pride and Prejudice" by J. Austin from a linguistic point of view. Statistical data on the predicate used in the novel.

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  • A Theoretical Overview of the approaches to the phenomenon of the Categories of tense and aspect in English. Different views on the notion of the categories of tense and aspect. Characteristics of means realizing the categories of tense and aspect.

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  • The Modern English perfect forms have been the subject of a lengthy discussion which has not so far brought about a definite result. The difficulties inherent in these forms are plain enough and may best be illustrated by usage of the present perfect.

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