Hermetic philosophy in European culture

Discusses the problems of hermeticism. Study of the European philosophical tradition which is closely connected with mysticism, which is interpreted as cognitive activity, aimed at establishing an essential connection with the spiritual levels of being.

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  • The correlation of the cognitive picture of the world with the linguistic one and their connection. The secondary nature of the linguistic picture of the world in relation to cognitive. The approach to the study of specific situations in the art world.

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  • The corpus of texts by Russian philosophers of the 19th - first half of the 20th centuries is analyzed. The research was carried out using the methods of historical and philosophical reconstruction and comparative analysis in the cognitive process.

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  • The analysis of the paradoxes of the concept of human integrity, developed in the researches of V. Shinkaruk and M. Bulatov in the 1980's. The categories of dialectics of integrity and their essential paradoxes as special anthropological phenomena.

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  • Nature of cogitative processes of man, their essence and philosophical value. A study of properties of human consciousness and mind, their value, is in creative activity. Reflections of man as philosophical category and basic problem of contemporaneity.

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  • In the present paper, author examines the way philosophical discourse constituted itself in post-Soviet Moldova, analyzing the discursive position present in the Journal of Philosophy and Law (as it was called in 1992 – 2006) and Journal of Philosophy.

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  • Friendship - is so closely linked to the very definition of philosophy that without it, philosophy would not in fact be possible. The intimacy of friendship and philosophy is so deep that philosophy includes the philos, the friend, in its very name.

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  • A critical study of Midwest Studies in Philosophy. The unfortunate legacies of positivism. Blackburn discusses four "intellectual practices". Understanding and truth conditions. Dretske offers a theory of intentionality for those propositional accjcudes.

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  • The culturological twist in modern science and practical activities implies the clarification of the essence of culture. Turning to the history of the philosophical thought, it is possible to trace the transformation of the understanding of culture.

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  • Research of history of development and opening of maintenance of subjectivism interpretation of moral is in European philosophy. A denial of moral norms and functionalism is in modern conception of moral. Theories of subjectivism of philosophy of moral.

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  • Analyzes the works of a representative of Hegel`s German philosophy in the philosophical heritage of Ukrainian philosophers V.I. Shynkaruk, P. Kopnin and M. Bulatov. The dialectical method turns to research anthropological and ideological problems.

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