Hermetic philosophy in European culture

Discusses the problems of hermeticism. Study of the European philosophical tradition which is closely connected with mysticism, which is interpreted as cognitive activity, aimed at establishing an essential connection with the spiritual levels of being.

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  • A study of how useful Whitehead's worldview can be. The power of the postmodern mixture of philosophy that he releases through analysis of the connection between industrialism and war. Practical commitment: conservative, Victorian, imperialist.

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  • Chomsky's revolution in linguistics and his anthropological position. The basic ideas of language ability as a cognitive ability of the mind, creativity arising from the foundations of philosophical rationalism, generative procedure are highlighted.

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  • The study of self-sufficiency as a psychological basis for self-development and formation of a spiritually oriented person. Allocation of positive and negative vectors of development of problems of spiritual formation of the self-sufficient person.

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  • The M. Weber, P. Sorokin, E. Fromm, M. Eliade and others philosophers from ancient times to the present day were as the material study. The influence of Eastern philosophical systems on the features of the life of modern Ukrainian and European society.

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  • The analysis of the philosophical doctrine of the English scientist John Locke's of man and theory of knowledge. The problems of the philosophy of nature and science in his works. Study and criticism of Locke judgments about the people and substances.

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  • Integration of difficult cultural transformations to the processes occurring in a human body. Analogy of modern culture with his activity, namely activity of cells. Principle of "X-rays" as tools of metaphysical thinking and comprehension of culture.

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  • Early Chinese thought. Ancestor reverence, mysterious force, patterns in nature. Great philosophical figures. Concepts within Chinese philosophy. A hierarchy of being. The experience of Tao. Philosophical Taoism. Chinese religion. The Confucian classics.

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  • Investigation of the connection between primitive language and corporal life, which consists in the manipulation of rigid bodies in the construction of a house. Consideration and сharacteristics of L. Wittgenstein's philosophy of linguistic analysis.

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  • Pluralistic and individualistic societies, who deconstructed parts of their own culture to be filled by "imported" believes and habits from Outside, especially from the East. The study of exceptional states of consciousness led from Wilhelm Wundt’s.

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  • Features of the new movement in European philosophy. Consideration of exposure of logical positivism and the answer to the problem of the relation s between the logical and the empirical. Analysis and characterization of the Rassell-Whitehead system.

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