The mechanisms of influence of the state on regional economic activity

Analyze foreign economic activity of the Russia. The international economics cooperation of Russian Far East with South Korea. Key factors affecting foreign economic activity. A model of economic cooperation of a domestic region with a foreign country.

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  • The steps for the sustainable development of innovation and investment processes in the region and the necessary organizational economic measures for the support of the investment and innovation activity at various management stages have been determined.

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  • Main stages and peculiarities of cooperation of the states in the commonwealth of BRICS. Hypotheses for operational and financial performance – internationalization relationship. Testing the ROCE, WACC to DOI relationship. Estimation of economic profit.

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  • Regional industrial systems. The implementation of large-scale economic and social programs. System of indicative management. Economic potential and competitive edges retention. The tools for economic efficiency estimation within resources utilisation.

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  • Perspective of supply and demand. All changes in economic activity and all changes in financial markets’ prices. Different way of looking at the economy and markets. Economic booms and busts. How the Market-Based System Works. Phase of a deleveraging.

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  • Formal economic analyze of the impacts of the drugs traffic industries in Mexica. Interesting and significant questions of the rationalicy and efficency of that country's effort to reduce a criminal industry. Big capital flows in a state Mexica.

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  • The assessment of regional concentration of world capital exports and imports, allocation of financial assets, geographic structure of stock, bond and foreign exchange markets is conducted. Provide the best economic conditions for dealing operations.

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  • Ways to ensure the effectiveness of regional governance through the introduction of a model of socio-economic system into the developing software and target documents. Options for making decisions on the economic development of the border regions.

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  • The contribution of information and communication technology to output growth in Indonesian society. Economic growth in Indonesia. Gross regional domestic product. Increasing the level of households using the Internet. Model evaluation Cronbach’s Alpha.

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  • The study of social capital components. Reduction of investment flows into the country. Collective action and cooperation among the social networks of agents. Reduced operating costs. Creating the prerequisites for economic growth and social welfare.

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  • The business activity of the enterprise as the most important factor that determines its financial sustainability. Its impact on economic sustainability, compliance with the pace of development, execution of production, expansion of sales market.

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