The mechanisms of influence of the state on regional economic activity

Analyze foreign economic activity of the Russia. The international economics cooperation of Russian Far East with South Korea. Key factors affecting foreign economic activity. A model of economic cooperation of a domestic region with a foreign country.

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  • The economic and social environment of the Latgale region has improved since Latvia's accession to the EU and the region is well-favoured to its residents and economic growth. This status has become an important element of the Latgale regional identity.

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  • Transformation processes that took place in the credit market of Ukraine under the influence of the modern financial and economic crisis. Have been analyzed problems and factors that caused the long stagnation of the credit activity in banking sector.

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  • Investments as an economic category, and their role in the development of macro-and microeconomics. Classification of investments and their structure. Problems and perspectives of the development of that funds. Private business activity of the Kazakhstan.

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  • Measuring, managing economic activity not only in the private, but also in the public sector. Methodology for assessing the performance of a municipal company, taking into account the specifics of enterprises that provide public services to the public.

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  • Review and description of the extent of economic approaches' usage (tools, technologies) in the system of state management. Analysis and considers the practice of economic approaches implementation within the new model of public service in Kazakhstan.

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  • Selecting the carbon pricing mechanism. Using the costs and benefits derived from regional climate and economic model in the analysis of prices Weitzman. Practical carbon pricing considerations. Integrated regional climate model and the economy in Russia.

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  • Modern economic, political, social conditions - the reasons for the creation of a new model of interaction between business units. Intracorporate communication - a condition for increasing the efficiency of business activity of a modern enterprise.

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  • The optimum loading of capacities of higher educational institutions of the regions on the criterion of minimizing the capital investment. Economic policy in the sphere of higher education. A system of measures that improve social services for students.

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  • Liberalization of foreign trade, monetary reform and an open economy. The importance of the Balcerowicz's program in creating the basis for economic stability and growth country through privatization. The shaping a strong, market-oriented economy.

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  • The current state of economic values in the context of civilizational progress and problems of sustainable development. The study of the main mechanism for obtaining value from knowledge resources in a situation of economics, based on knowledge.

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