Methods of Measuring Follower Burnout in the Workplace

Analysis of the models of follower burnout in the workplace. Definition of burnout as a chronic stress syndrome. Analysis of different views on a relationship between burnout and age. Study of correlations between burnout and Big Five personality factors.

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  • Definition of human resource management. Strategic people resourcing. Recruitment process in organization. Selection process and its methods. Generation theory and HRM. Strauss-Howe generational theory. Analysis of career expectations of Russian students.

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  • Study of the impact of a humorous climate on an employee. Process of generating, developing, implementing novel ideas in the workplace. The influence of humorous work climate on Russian employee innovative work behaviour. Methods to stimulate workers.

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  • Approaching the analysis, validation of approach and tools used. The business made in electronic form. Acquaintance and justification of the tools used in the analysis. Force to exit or establish different format. Development of distribution centers.

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  • Effective hiring methods as a way to maintain quality work in every company. An analysis of the methods of personnel management that employers use to hire employees. Optimization of personnel selection as the basis and guarantee of success of the company.

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  • Determination of the foundations of management analysis for the adoption of economically-informed decisions, assessing the reliability of partners and technology management analysis, to determine the most optimal variant of tax policy of the company.

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  • Changes in the macroenvironment as a source of new opportunities for the company. Especially the development of business strategy. General characteristics of Porter's Five Forces. Analysis of the factors determining the competitiveness of the industry.

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  • The analysis of the development of scientific thought in the field of management since its inception to the present time. Definition of core management principles and the impact of new social and economic factors due to the realities of the XXI century.

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  • The role of selection methods in the process of hiring staff. Methods of verifying a candidate for the position. Analysis of the basic methods of selection in terms of their validity. Experience of USA, Japan in staff selection using different methods.

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  • Emphasized and characterized that the image of "Ме-professional" is an integral part of the general "Ме-concept" of the personality. Found out that professional self-esteem is a central component of a personality’s professional self-consciousness.

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  • Budget restriction in the UK and its effect on local governments. Current spending cut approaches of local governments. Business models researches and Network business models. Stakeholders’ management. Advantages, risks of assets based working approach.

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