Methods of Measuring Follower Burnout in the Workplace

Analysis of the models of follower burnout in the workplace. Definition of burnout as a chronic stress syndrome. Analysis of different views on a relationship between burnout and age. Study of correlations between burnout and Big Five personality factors.

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  • Analysis methodology implementation of administrative reform as a system of managerial innovations. Innovative activity as a combination of technology and best way to use social resources. The formation of the innovation paradigm of state administration.

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  • Comprehensive analysis of the external components of risk along with the methodology for decreasing risks. Concept of increasing the quality of information and analytical support for investment decisions that would enhance the efficiency of organization

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  • Consideration of the current trend of research on the relationship between social ties and productivity. The impact of social interaction on staff self-esteem. The consequences of a rigid structuring of workflows. Analysis of tools for organizing tasks.

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  • A look at strategic processes from historical of view. A comparative analysis of schools of strategic management. The relationship between the choice of the accounting and management strategy of the company, its creation by predicting the future.

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  • The study of methods of improving working conditions and safety of personnel, as well as the definition of stimulation as a method of targeting the behavior of employees in order to improve their work in order to achieve the goal and types of incentives.

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  • The characteristics of the hierarchical growth of the current top management from the largest and best-known companies across the country. Analysis of the biographical data of top employees hired at the largest and best-known companies from Moldova.

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  • Theoretical Analysis of Civil servants pay differentiation. Possible ways of optimization civil servants’ pay differentiation. Comparative analysis of civil servants’ pay differentiation in Central government of Russia and OECD countries. Pay composition.

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  • The impact of collection, integration, collaboration and analysis of large volumes of data on management principles in various industries is still to describe. Analyze the ways how public agencies are developing in data experience in benchmark countries.

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  • Characteristics of functions and methods of managerial accounting. Analysis of efficiency of the organization of managerial accounting in JSC "Milland" and its influence on adoption of administrative decisions. Learning the basics of market economy.

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  • Determine three blocks of characteristics that enhance to understand the nature of these types: economic characteristics, innovation activity and governance. Examination results of the comparative analysis of these development types is conducted.

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