Differentiation Theory and Social Change: Comparative and Historical Perspectives

The theoretical sociology in historical perspective: from the classic tradition to postclassical efforts of synthesis, to the situation today in which theorists are more and more constructing formal models as essential components of their methodology.

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  • The content of the composite category "nationalist", its genesis. The main forms of nationalism as an ideology, practice and historical process. The definition of the concept of nationalism through a set of approaches to the definition of its content.

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  • Social totality and the individual. Power and ideology: the of "media imperialism". Empirical realities. Critical social theory, critical media and social transformation. In assessing the claims which been advanced with respect to television’s power.

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  • The analysis of professional skills that a social worker must have in the context of social changes taking place in Poland. Identification of necessary skills, which are currently professional for the social worker: social, managerial, communication.

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  • The acquaintance with the peculiarities of the emergence of sociology, a review of the methods. General characteristics of the structure of sociological knowledge. O. Kont as the founder of sociology as an independent science, the analysis of activity.

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  • Research of the problem of transformation of family values. Define the preconditions for the emergence of the phenomenon of familism and its impact on society in Hungary. The main characteristics of neofamilism as a dominant social phenomenon of today.

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  • A social analysis of post-nonclassical rationality. The author's vision of the discourse of social rationality as the synthesis of different discourse positions. The main discourse-position: social action, the rejection of grandarrell, value priorities.

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  • Consideration of the problem of gender in the humanities (sociology, psychology, cultural studies and linguistics). Definitions of gender, its role in the study of social relations, personality psychology, culture. Language characteristics of discourse.

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  • Education as an interaction whose goal is to change people and society. Social work focused on help and support of a man. The essence of education or the learning. Public work as a form of state social assistance. Support for individuals and families.

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  • Analysis of approaches to the definition of sociological content of categories daily and events. The views of representatives of modern sociology on the relationship of these categories through the prism of the technological components of modern culture.

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  • The examination of risk factors of social exclusion of the older population in the Russian Federation based on the integral assessment of indexes of the components of social exclusion. Model for assessing the factors of social exclusion of the elderly.

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