Differentiation Theory and Social Change: Comparative and Historical Perspectives

The theoretical sociology in historical perspective: from the classic tradition to postclassical efforts of synthesis, to the situation today in which theorists are more and more constructing formal models as essential components of their methodology.

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  • Consideration of the scientific study of nature and the development of society and social behavior, social life. Analysis study features companionship. Browse object, subject and methods of sociology research. Differences micro and macro sociology.

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  • Analysis of historical policy of the presidency of V. Putin and D. Medvedev. The impact on the perception of modern Russian past, their national identity and functioning in society. Using the authorities,of the past to achieve political and social goals.

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  • Cultural situation in the world in the context of globalization. The value of the global division of labor and enhance the role of corporations, which have become powerful forces in the world economy. Globalization theory in sociology and culture.

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  • The cases of norwegian-russian and french-russian marital unions, using the to sociology and jurisprudence method of scientific research. The material carries anthropological character, which explains the use of the methods of historical sciences.

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  • A model of social development in "The Division of Labour in Society". The link between posture and illness. Experience of the pain in childbirth. Power and the social. A radical challenge to much of the traditional sociology of health and illness.

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  • Attempt to study the historical constitution of modern forms of subjectivity solely in terms of the spread of rationality and disciplinary power. The sociological problem of human agency. Sociology as an attempt to study the effects of disciplinary power.

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  • Mayo: The Human Relation Movement. Maslow: the hierarchy of Human Needs. Hertzberg: Motivation Hygiene Theory. McGregor: Theory X and Theory Y. New theory of motivation for sub-Saharan people. How social motivation can increase social performance.

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  • Research of the views of modern phenomenological sociology representatives to the definition of the categories of daily and event. The author’s approach to relate these categories through the prism of technology components of contemporary culture.

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  • Unrelenting class war corporations with their political allies against working people in interviews with D. Barsamian. Formula for learning about the world and social change: "There has not in history ever been any answer other than, Get to work on it".

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  • General explanation of path dependence theory and its adoption for political research by R. and D. Collier's. K. Thelen's, D. Yashar's, G. Capoccia's and R. D. Kelemen's theoretical findings on institutional evolution and the theory of path dependence.

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