Digital watermarking

Discriminating computer graphics images with hidden Markov tree model. Detection of tampering inconsistencies on mobile photos. Robust audio watermarking by using low-frequency histogram. A reversible acoustic steganography by integrity verification.

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  • Biological Data in Digital Symbol Sequences. Machine-Learning Foundations: The Probabilistic Framework. Probabilistic Modeling and Inference. Machine Learning Algorithms. Hidden Markov Models and probabilistic Models of Evolution: Phylogenetic Trees.

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  • The invention of the computer. Babbage's demonstration model mechanical calculator. Sequence of operations for column. The logical structure of the Analytical Engine. The programming language. Mechanical calculation device based on the design in 1853.

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  • The structure chart of identification using n-th order volterra model in frequency domain using interpolation method. Numerical values of identification accuracy. The simulink model of the test system with noise generator, osillosopes. Wavelet function.

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  • The computer graphics is one of the popular directions of use of the personal computer. Benefits of the program Corel Draw. Importing files of different formats. Standard window interface. Tools for drawing lines. Change the shape and color of objects.

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  • Suggestion information model of environment of computer-aided design, consisting of a сontrol processor, thematic coprocessors and executing processors. The scheme of processors control in the information model. Interaction of thematic coprocessors.

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  • The values of indicators of the quality of TCP connections specific to each type of Slow HTTP-attacks. A mathematical model formalizing the behavior of the web server when implementing Slow HTTP-attacks of various types, architecture of detection.

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  • The study of the sequence of stages of reconstruction of graphical images on a computer using decoding dual vectors of the tuple. Decoding code values in software components. Ways of coding information. Methods of the decrypting computer codes cost.

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  • Introduce the basic principles of digital video compression,focusing on the main techniques used in various video coding standards and applies the rotation and reversion operations to increase the security of the secret images and the utilization.

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  • Protection from disclosure to unauthorised persons integrity. Maintaining data consistency. Assurance of identity of person or originator of data non-repudiation. Conventional encryption: uses a shared key. Digital Signatures and especially their use.

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  • Review digital communication and traditional computer-based technologies. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Computer and network hardware and software. Features of use of information and communication technologies in modern society.

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