Digital watermarking

Discriminating computer graphics images with hidden Markov tree model. Detection of tampering inconsistencies on mobile photos. Robust audio watermarking by using low-frequency histogram. A reversible acoustic steganography by integrity verification.

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  • Modeling an optoelectronic fire smoke alarm detector at the functional diagram level by means of Matlab tools. Characteristics of developed detector model and evaluating the ability of the logic unit to distinguishing between fire signals and noise.

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  • Pattern discovery in biosequences. Social network mining from the web. Discovering spatio-textual association rules in document images. Discovery of latent patterns with hierarchical bayesian mixed-membership models and the issue of model choice.

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  • The basic tendencies of development of mobile marketing in Ukraine are considered. The development of Internet marketing. The advantages of hybrid mobile applications, the essence of their use, as one of the modern means of communication for business.

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  • One Useful Logic That Defines Its Own Truth. On Synchronous and Asynchronous Interaction in Distributed Systems. A Robust Class of Regular Languages. Deterministic Models of Communication Faults. The Maximum Independent Set Problem in Planar Graphs.

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  • Digital signatures: background and definitions. Cryptographic hardness assumptions and constructions based on general assumptions, signature schemes based on the (strong) RSA assumption. The random oracle model and full-domain hash (related) schemes.

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  • История создания консорциума, осуществляющего разработку цифровых аудиовизуальных систем. Специфика экспертной группы по мультимедиа и гипермедиа. Ратификация стандарта приложений кабельного модема. Передача данных по сети кабельного телевидения.

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  • Development of new ways to ensure the security of data transmission through telecommunication networks. Hardware protection of information from unauthorized access. Organization of hidden channels of common use. The method of authentication of images.

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  • Organizational problems that affect the decision. Socio-technical model and methodology of soft systems. Training users find information. The impact of structure in work. Free search system problems computer. Electronic communication as a critical mass.

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  • Biometrics at a distance: issues, challenges, and prospects. Advanced technologies for touchless fingerprint recognition. Long-range facial image acquisition and quality. Detection of singularities in fingerprint images using linear phase portraits.

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  • The issue of necessity of monitoring circumstance of software systems implemented through service-based principle in conditions of continuous development and enhancement. Pattern and antipattern detection. Metric calculation algorithms. Response time.

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