Competence-based measurement of higher education quality

Quality of higher education and the basic principles of construction system of its management. Modern tools for assessing its level, the tasks of the highest school to ensure the required level of quality in accordance with the content, conditions.

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  • Studying the system of education in Britain. Descriptions of English school syllabus. The elementary education in the Great Britain. Features of infant and junior schools. Analysis the categories of comprehensive academy, private and higher education.

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  • Features of the use of human capital in a period of globalization. Universal unification of educational systems, the disappearance of national borders and models of education. Strengthening the influence of the World Bank and the American Higher School.

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  • Analysis of a key competences of lifelong learning through the challenges faced by higher education in the XXI century. English for specific purpose classroom. The methods how to teach students to learn learning to learn competence at the tertiary level.

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  • The right to education is stated in the constitution of the Russia Federation. The types of public high schools in the UK, particularly assessment of students' knowledge. Higher education in universities in the UK, receive grants from the Local Education.

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  • The use of information and telecommunication technologies in the education system of the Russian. The problem of the formation and enhancement of computer competence of teachers. Possibilities of use in the educational process of social networks.

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  • The main tasks of vocational education: development and implementation of public secondary vocational education standards, creating conditions for increasing the availability of vocational education. Types of high educational institutions in Kazakhstan.

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  • Problem of formation of the professional self-presentation of the future experts in a context of competence and didactic approaches of the modern educational process in the institute of higher education. Self-introduction of personality in communication.

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  • Features of preschool and primary education in Russia. The studying of basic and additional subjects in secondary school. Differences of preschool and primary education in Britain and Russia. Comparative analysis of higher education in the UK and Russia.

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  • Factors of influence on the formation of professional competences of education manager. Taking into account the new conditions of the educational process - an important condition for achieving the effectiveness of teaching in European higher school.

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  • Analysis of the education system and higher school in Ukraine. Implementation of the provisions and principles of the Bologna Process in Ukrainian educational institutions. Teacher training and exchange of experience with universities in other countries.

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