Competence-based measurement of higher education quality

Quality of higher education and the basic principles of construction system of its management. Modern tools for assessing its level, the tasks of the highest school to ensure the required level of quality in accordance with the content, conditions.

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  • The various aspects of state regulation of higher education. The approaches and methods of education management are determined, the disadvantages of excessive regulation are identified. The Ministry of Education, quality assurance in higher education.

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  • The American system of school education. The general pattern of education, the length of the school year. The funding of higher education institutions. The basic principles of the organization of vocational education. The program at the university level.

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  • Study of the system of higher education by correspondence as an integral part of the organization of teacher training, defining its role in enhancing the professional level and quality of the staff of a comprehensive school at all stages of development.

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  • Analysis of the notion "quality of education". Main factors that determine efficient teaching of future professionals. Ways of modeling foreign language teaching processes in higher educational establishments from the point of quality management.

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  • The conceptual framework for the adaptation of Ukrainian higher education to the Standards and recommendations for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area has been defined. Clarified the role of the Bologna Declaration in education.

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  • Numerous changes in the system of higher education in Montenegro over the past decade. Law on Higher Education. Basic principles of the Bologna Declaration and the European Commission. Issues and problems requiring further reform of the education system.

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  • Brief description of the current state of the education system in Kazakhstan. Global requirement for training and competence of teachers in the higher schools. The rationale for a adaptation of curricula to innovative processes in higher education.

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  • Ensuring of national educational system competitiveness, education quality conformity with modern social and economic requirements of society have become. The theoretical-methodological and practical basis of pedagogical knowledge structurization.

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  • Study of the system of higher education in modern Germany. Analysis of the main factors of the development of democratic education. Determining the possibility of applying features of modern higher education in Germany in the conditions of Ukraine.

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  • Kazakhstan’s institutions of higher education. Future areas for improvement in Kazakhstan's higher education system. Public Funding of Education (University education). Analysis of the characteristics of the higher education system of foreign countries.

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