Semantic connections in the structure of binomial pairs

Binomial pairs as a phrases that indicate the presence of two or more equal members and have a fixed lexical relationship connection. Binomial expressions - a separate class of phraseological units of the English language with its specific features.

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  • Characterization of the basic specific structural and semantic features of phraseological units with color semantics. Investigation of the main lingual-national significance of the formation and functioning of the colonomisms of the English language.

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  • Phraseological units as a subsystem of language. Semantic structure of the phraseological units. The translation of phraseological units. Idioms their classification. Functional types of idioms. Organization phraseology of modern English language.

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  • The study of criteria for the classification of phraseological units. Analysis phrasemes and idioms depending on the typology of fixed context. Etymologically, the rationale for classification by origin phrases that have a specific lexical meaning.

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  • The semantic changes that have occurred as a result of the transition of lexical units of the English language from one morphological class to another. The phenomenon of conversion as a non-fixed, morphological and syntactic way of word formation.

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  • Phraseology the branch of theoretical linguistics that studies sustainable turns of phrase and expressions and phraseological units, the aggregate of phraseological units of a language also called his phraseology. Semantic characteristics of proverbs.

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  • Characteristic of semantic structure, principles and ways of forming phraseological units. Classification of phraseological units in the Kazakh and English languages. Analysis of the peculiarities of translating idioms, stable expressions and proverbs.

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  • Communication is a means of transmitting information, there are several ways of how people can do so. Language as an instrument of communication. The language of law is the study object of this thesis. Style is the study object of stylistics, grammar.

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  • The Word as the Central Unit of the Language, Lexical and Grammatical Meaning of the Word. Their Usage in English Language and Phraseological Units and Idiomatic Expressions. Grammatical meaning is defined as the expression in Speech of relationships.

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  • Objectives and principles of lexicology. The words, their nature and value, semantic relationships. The difference between semasiology and semantics. Unlike free phrases and idiomatic units. The important characteristic features of phraseological units.

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  • Analysis of the phraseological units, their semantic structure by prof. V.N. Teliya and description of the following principal macrocomponents in the semantic structure: denotational (descriptive), evaluational, motivational, emotive, stylistic, gender.

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