Lexicology of the English language

Subject matter of Lexicology. Types of Lexicology and its links with other branches of linguistics. Meaning and context. Causes of semantic change. Definition of polysemy. The difference between homonymy and polycemy. Classification of antonyms.

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  • Describing the lexicological systems of English and Ukrainian languages. Distinguishing traits and phenomena in both terminological vocabularies. Methods of word-building. Systematic relations in lexicology. Typology of idiomatic and set expressions.

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  • Specific manifestations of multilingualism as a linguistic phenomenon in the study of lexicology. The use of subject-language integrated method and some aspects of its influence on the development of multilingual competence of students-philologists.

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  • Program of comparative lexicology course of English and Ukrainian languages. The study of the theory of word formation, semantic structure of words and phraseology of the English and Ukrainian languages, etymology, the characteristics of vocabulary.

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  • Phraseology as a branch of Lexicology. Semantic groups of idioms in modern English. Idioms and their peculiarities. The main specifications of phraseology. Semantic groups of idioms and their classification. Phraseological problems of translation.

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  • Units of Language and forming of the packed words. Classifications of English mixtures. Basics ways of word-building. Criteria of semantic derivation. Classifications of borrowings to according to degree of assimilation. Local variety of English.

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  • Deals with such a problem of linguistics as distinction between homonymy and polysemy. Gives the special schemes that reflect the different kinds of connection between polysemes. focused on lexicological and semasiological theories of the matter.

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  • The term "polysemy" in linguistics, the multiplicity of meanings. The processes of the semantic development of the word. The importance and key aspects of synonyms in the English language. Etymological doublets, their value, the appearance and types.

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  • The fundamentals of the word theory in English. The Etymology of English Words. How English Words Are Made. Homonyms: Words of the Same Form. Synonyms, Euphemisms. Antonyms. Phraseology: Principles of Classification. How Words Develop New Meanings.

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  • The semantic structure of English and Ukrainian words. The socio-linguistic, psychological and logical classification of semantic change. Both the lexical and the grammatical meanings make up the word-meaning as neither can exist without the other.

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  • The meaning of a word, changes of lexical meanings. Transfer of the meaning is called lexico. Semantic changes, types of semantic changes. Metaphor and metonymy. Other types of semantic changes. Causes of semantic change. Linguistic realization of notion.

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