Lexicology of the English language

Subject matter of Lexicology. Types of Lexicology and its links with other branches of linguistics. Meaning and context. Causes of semantic change. Definition of polysemy. The difference between homonymy and polycemy. Classification of antonyms.

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  • The description of Synonymy and Antonymy as semantic relations that holds between two words in English practical usage. Classification of antonyms according to the word-derivational structure. Root (proper, complimentary) antonyms. Derivational antonyms.

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  • Modern applied linguistics like an academic discipline that offers various integrative mechanisms of coexistence of different language schools. Language as a change - one of the subject of the generative grammar, areal and contrastive linguistics.

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  • Introduction to the classification of homonyms and their sources. The definition of the concept homophones are words of the same sound but of different spelling and meaning. Characteristic features of the synchronic treatment of english homonyms.

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  • Causes of word meaning changes in the English. Traditional typologies for motivating semantic changes made by world-known scholars. Semantic shifts that combines a framework taken from pragmatics with the cognitive regularities of linguistic innovations.

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  • An idiom is a common word or phrase with a culturally understood meaning. Description of the main view of idioms in the English language, their classification. The main differences from the Russian types. Compositionality principle and its meaning.

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  • Phraseology the branch of theoretical linguistics that studies sustainable turns of phrase and expressions and phraseological units, the aggregate of phraseological units of a language also called his phraseology. Semantic characteristics of proverbs.

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  • Homonymy is a frequent phenomenon in a language. Homonyms are words, which are identical in sound and spelling (or in one of these aspect), but different in their meaning. The Sources and the traditional classification of homonyms by A.І. Smirnitsky.

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  • Phonetics as one of the main branch of linguistics. National and regional pronunciation variants in English. Analysis of the aspects of the sound matter of language. Intonation and prosody: definition, functions, components, spheres of application.

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  • Slang, being an integral part of language. Speech is one of the main and most problematic aspects of lexicology, as it reflects the linguocultural features of the society that uses it. Slang is as a collection of special words or their new meanings.

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  • Sound Instrumenting, graphical Means. Morphemic Repetition, extension of Morphemic. Word and its Semantic Structure. Role of the Context in the Actualization of Meaning. Colloquial vs. Literary Type of Communication. Samples of Stylistic Analysis.

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