Recent advances in plant biotechnology and genetic engineering for production of secondary metabolites

Plants are a source of biologically active substances. Using modern genetic engineering techniques in pharmaceutical biotechnology. Examples of advanced systems used to obtain some valuable natural products - artemisinin, paclitaxel and scopolamine.

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  • Evolution before Darwin's on the origin of species. Theory of natural selection. Evolution and anti-evolution in interphase. The Rise of fundamentalism and it's opposition to evolution. From equal time to the de-emphasis of evolution in American schools.

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  • The description of the autoassociative's neural network natural's approach for NLPCA. Review several network architectures including the hierarchical, the circular, and the inverses models. Analisys result's, which are shown on example molecular biology.

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  • This course work is devoted to widely known Potato virus Y. Virus characteristics. Reproduction. Physical and biochemical properties. Virus(es) with serologically related virions. Diagnostic techniques for detection of Potato Virus Y. Complete genome.

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  • Isolation of a strain of facultative anaerobic bacteria Exiguobacterium from oil-contaminated permafrost soils. Its properties, phylogenetic characteristics. Effect of the strain on the activation of biological degradation of oil and petroleum products.

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  • Residue-Based Substrates and their Solid-State Fermentation by Mushroom Fungi. Types, Availability and Chemical Composition of Raw Materials. Nutritional and Environmental Aspects of Mushroom Growing. Output, Stages and results of Mushroom Cultivation.

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  • Discussed in the scientific literature possible mechanisms for the formation of the "image" on the linen fabric of the Shroud of Turin. It was shown how this “image” on the fabric was formed in a natural way and how much energy it took, oil marks.

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  • Characteristic of methodology based on the full factorial central composite design. Study in conditions in vitro of eight Lactobacillus strains procured from culture repositories. Analysis of their probiotic potential and extracellular tannase activity.

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  • About the most famous zoo in the world. The first true zoo in France, the modern zoo near Hamburg, the San-Diego Zoo, zoological garden. The Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species. The Animals Of Eurasia and Americas - leopard, monkey, birds, etc.

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  • The use of Kernel Principal Component Analysis to model data distributions in high-dimensional spaces. Kernel principal component analysis, the KPCA algorithm. The embedded sub-manifold. Constructing non-linear ASMs. Articial statistical shape model.

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  • Using the E.coli strains for stable transformation with recombinant plasmids. Frequency of cell transformation with plasmids and elimination. Products of HIV-1 genome integration. Scheme of the cointegrate pPIC91 plasmid. Sequencing of the insert region.

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