M@A market operations as a tool of domestic enterprises' business model transformation

The main trends of the world market of M&A transactions and determines specific features of mergers and acquisitions market in Ukraine at the present stage. The transformation mechanisms to update business models. The domestic market of mergers.

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  • Research stimulated by the financial crisis: understanding the role of financial market frictions. Interactions between the real and financial economy. Methods and application for dynamic equilibrium models. Extending the monopolistic competition models.

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  • In this article considers the current parameters of strategic changes that form the basic strategy of enterprise transformation. Methodological approach to calculating the economic value added as the objective function of this model is improved.

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  • Comprehensive analysis of international financial regulatory models and adapt them to domestic small business. Support for small businesses in the European countries, the recommendations regarding the European vector direction of the national economy.

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  • Building of a quality system of products and services based on information in market conditions. Consumer choice of products and services according to their importance. Quality as the conformity of products, which determine the ability to meet the needs.

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  • Research and characteristic features of the unit-linked insurance plans are one of the most popular tools in the insurance and investment services market. Reviewing russian and foreign scientific studies, dedicated to a unit-linked insurance plans.

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  • Roles of information in the economic system in modern world. The main provisions of the theory of rational information gathering. Theory and practice of functioning of the information market. General equilibrium with markets for future and uncertainty.

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  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. ICO market overview and regulation. Application of event study in cryptoeconomics. Event window and market model. The amount of received funds. Access of American investors, review of the hypotheses.

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  • Conceptualizing structural elements of the economic system belonging to production processes. Defining an entity of economic management mechanism is a complex of organizational structures. Research and analysis of economic features of the food market.

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  • Research and characterization of the types of investors presented on the market: extrapolators and fundamentals. Introduction to the basic methods check for bubble driven by investors with extrapolative expectations. Chosen institutional investors.

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  • Study of the dynamics of the markets of dairy products in the pre-and post-crisis periods. Trends of the processes of structuring in the markets of cheese, dairy products, butter. Problems impeding the development of the internal market of dairy products.

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