M@A market operations as a tool of domestic enterprises' business model transformation

The main trends of the world market of M&A transactions and determines specific features of mergers and acquisitions market in Ukraine at the present stage. The transformation mechanisms to update business models. The domestic market of mergers.

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  • Terms of business development. Kinds of entrepreneurship. The objectives and functions of the firm. Firm in the system of market relations. Organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurship. The classification of firms and their role in the economy.

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  • The study of peculiarities of the implementation of the transport potential of Ukraine. A description of the main problems hindering the development of the national transport market. Justification of directions of its further effective development.

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  • Features and legislative requirements for the promotion of educational software. The current state of the market for these products in Ukraine. Factors affecting its development. Analysis of the reasons for optimization of marketing communications.

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  • The increase in production of goods and services due to the growth of labor productivity, capital increase, new technological developments. Consideration of aggregate demand, supply models. The incentives for market. The strategy of combating the crisis.

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  • Comparative study of two models of portfolio optimization: Brandt and Santa-Clara, Black-Litterman. Objective function and statistical inference in the Brandt and Santa-Clara model. The market equilibrium and investor’s views in the Black-Litterman model.

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  • The main stages in the development of the food market, the assessment of its current status and future prospects. Active participants in the market and the direction of their activities. The opening of the new shopping center and its effectiveness.

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  • The characteristic of market and capitalist economic systems and their essential features: private property, freedom of choice and entrepreneurship, personal interests as motive, competition, dependence on the price system and limited government role.

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  • Exploring new approaches to motivation and the form of mergers and acquisitions, analysis of their reasons, benefits. The study of the forms of mergers and acquisitions, issues arising in the integration. Strategy of actions in the acquisition process.

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  • The business activity of the enterprise as the most important factor that determines its financial sustainability. Its impact on economic sustainability, compliance with the pace of development, execution of production, expansion of sales market.

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  • The advantages of technology geoinformation systems (GIS). The purchase, introduction and further usage of GIS. Analysis of GIS of Russian developers. Analysis and monitoring of the current state and trends of the market. Business activities planning.

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