The old age phenomenon: some aspects of relevance of philosophical reflection

Views on the processes of aging as the content of gerontology. The history of the philosophical understanding of aging, associated with periods of development of philosophical science. The importance of an integrated approach to the problem of old age.

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  • Theoretical and philosophical analysis of the phenomenon of success and the cause-and-effect patterns of its achievement in the socio-cultural management of a post-industrial society. Existential types of success and mechanisms for achieving it.

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  • The reconstruct the development of a socialized interpretation of shame in the western philosophical tradition from antiquity up to the XVII century. The first detailed description of shame from the socialized perspective was proposed by Aristotle.

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  • Consideration of the largely forgotten "alternative" history of the philosophical concept of exclusion, from Ancient Rome to the end of the XIX century, using the example of the study of the specifics of Cicero, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche.

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  • The problem of essence of human being in the history of philosophy. Continuity of views on the nature of human being. The image of human in the Ancient, Christian, New Age and modern philosophies. Differentiation of social and biological in human being.

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  • The importance of human social self-identification as the basis of civilization and the institutional explanation of national self-identification in Ukraine. Development of cultural and institutional criteria for choosing the best ways to strengthen it.

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  • Systematization of anthropological problems in the philosophical and theological works of Karol Wojtyla. Exploring the ideas of the thinker. Growth of interest in philosophical anthropology to everyday life. Individual, social dimension of human being.

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  • Analysis of the problem of subjectivity in the context of the dialectic of value and normativeness in modern philosophical discourse. Consideration of the peculiarities of the influence of value and normative on the process of formation of subjectivity.

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  • Analysis of noogenesis from the point of view of philosophical traditions, which are much richer than the history of scientific knowledge about the psychology of meanings. The essence of being Dasein psyche in the meaning of "the soul of a philosopher."

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  • The construction of Leibniz's work in the form of philosophical dialogue. The question of the innate nature of human morality. Sensual-symbolic, contemplative and intuitive aspects and forms of knowledge. The concept of logical and epistemological ideal.

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  • Critical analysis of the text of M. Montaigne's philosophical work "Experiments" in the aspect of how a person understands himself, which is the key pathos of work of the outstanding writer, philosopher. The main essence of Montaigne's "Experiments".

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