Creep - the plastic deformation of a material

Creep and fatigue in polymer matrix composites. Stages, characteristics and deformation of creep. Mechanisms of creep. General creep equation. Dislocation, nabarro-herring, coble creep. Creep of polymers, of concrete. The molecular weight of the polymer.

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  • Nanocomposites comprising ray in a polymer. The reflection mechanical properties material. Increasing the polymer properties by forming the interphase. Obtaining curves of stress-strain states of macroscopic samples irradiated polymer materials.

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  • Review of works on the creation and study of environmentally friendly nanostructured polymer composites. Technology of production and application of nanocellulose. Development of new environmentally friendly hydrophobic polymer composites, their scope.

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  • The regularities of macromolecules behavior in the flow with longitudinal velocity gradient and manifested in this case effects of elastic deformations have importance in understanding the mechanism of anomalously high cutting power of water-polymer jet.

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  • The antibacterial effect of chitooligosaccharides, evaluated against various microorganisms. The oligosaccharides from chitosan and fractionated with ultrafiltration membrane and enzymatic bioreactor. The molecular weight of chitooligosaccharides.

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  • Surface-polymer flooding (the so-called micellar polymer flow) as a potentially advanced oil recovery technology is more effective than polymer flooding. Surface-active interaction and compatibility of the polymer. Distinctions, drawbacks of the method.

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  • Research of mathematical model of the process intrusion forming polymer products. Establishing a dependency on the angle of melt costs lifting screw injection unit in the material cylinder based on the geometric parameters of extrusion head and mold.

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  • Analysis of the problem of recycling used tires. Search for methods of processing rubber waste. Investigation of foamed polymer compositions filled with rubber. The use of partial vulcanization to increase the interfacial interaction in the polymer blend.

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  • Consideration the mathematical model of process of pressing of seamless pipes. Effect on various forms of rolling shaping matrix. The nature of the formation of the deformation zone. Development of direct compression on a cylindrical mandrel pipe.

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  • The study of structural changes during hot deformation metal during controlled rolling. The influence of preheating temperature and deformation degree on the size and shape of austenite grains. The definition of the polygonal structure of the austenite.

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  • Production polystyrene composite films with small content of fullerenes (up to 1 %) by casting o-xylene solutions. A dependence of the glass transition temperature of the composite material on its composition. The adsorption capacity of polymer material.

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