Aviation english terminology for pilots: the usage of abbreviations and acronyms

A considerable part of aviation lexis is comprised by professional vocabulary and professional terms. Their structure and semantics, the aspects of term classification, problems of translation. The usage of abbreviations and acronyms in Aviation English.

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  • Characteristics of the lexical component of aviation English. The defines the notion of aviation English and disclose the peculiarities of its vocabulary. Investigation of the lexical domains distinguished within Aviation English subset of the language.

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  • Characteristic of the lexical component of aviation English. The notion of aviation English and disclosing the peculiarities of its vocabulary. Stylistic and emotional neutrality of aviation English, avoidance of polysemy and restriction of synonymy.

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  • Familiarity with the key features of the formation and development of English aviation terminology. Specialized dictionary as the most important part of the linguistic fund. General characteristics of the etymological foundations of terminology.

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  • Translation of an abbreviations and acronyms as the object of linguistic research. The problem of communication. Translation examples of acronyms and abbreviations by the example of scientific and technical texts. Methods of decoding Kazakh language.

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  • The article as devoted to the analysis of requirements of ICAO in relation to the levels of English on international airways. Analyses of the importance of ICAO fourth level of English in the process of professional activity of aviation specialists.

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  • Intense increase in new words as a result technical and scientific inventions. Analysis subject to individual terms of the network. Methods of word-formation in English. Study of types of abbreviations used in internet communication and types of acronyms.

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  • The notion of terminology and terms in modern English language. Characteristic features of professional law terminology. Systematization of law terms in the works by J. Grisham according to Semantic Classes. Classification of Law Terms in the Works.

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  • The analysis of requirements of ICAO in relation to the levels of English on international airways. The analysis concepts "verb" and "semantic transformation" in the context of professional preparation of aviation specialists and radio communication.

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  • An analyze of special features of types of abbreviations in the English language, the structural-semantic classification of English abbreviations and their place in the word-formation system. The four basic types of abbreviations in English language.

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  • The Etymology of English Words. Vocabulary as a system. Professional terminology. Etymological doublets. The main problems of lexicology. The historical circumstances which stimulate the borrowing process. The Object of Lexicology. The structure of word.

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