A history, the main mathematical results and applications for the mathematics of harmony

Applications of the mathematics of harmony as a new interdisciplinary direction of modern science. Algorithmic measurement theory, number systems with irrational bases and their applications in computer science, the hyperbolic Fibonacci functions.

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  • The basics of cryptography and its levels of reliability. Secret key cryptosystem and symmetric ciphers, message authentication codes. Fundamentals of discrete mathematics, homomorphisms and isomorphisms. Modular arithmetic and function Euler's Totient.

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  • The discussion about boolean algebras and their application to switching circuits. The rotation groups of the regular solids are investigated. New material on order of an element and cyclic groups, more details about the lattice of divisors of an integer.

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  • Criterion of boundedness of L-index in direction for functions f(z; m). Analogue of Hayman’s theorem for entire functions of bounded l-index. The study of boundedness of L-index in direction for some infinite products. Possible ways of construct.

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  • Approximations in Scientic Computation, сomputer Arithmetic, mathematical Software. Linear Systems, solving Linear Systems, Iterative Methods for Linear Systems. Linear Least Squares, eigenvalues and Singular Values, Nonlinear Equations, optimization.

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  • Arithmetic operations and properties of decimals, proportion and percents. Fundamental concepts of algebra, functions and graphs. The fundamental operations with complex numbers. Limits of function values, one-sided limits, infinitesimal functions.

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  • Obtaining a criterion of boundedness of L-index in direction for functions f(hz;mi). Finding sufficient conditions of boundedness L-index in direction for some class of entire functions with "plane" zeros. Proving existence theorems of entire function.

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  • Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss - a German mathematician. His outstanding scientific achievements. The fundamentals of modern balancing and mathematical statistics (the least squares method). Developing number theory, analysis, differential geometry.

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  • Consideration of the Shannon's mathematical theory of communication as the technology processing of information. Problems associated with the transmission of messages: eliminate redundancy, perform coding and messaging communication channels with noise.

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  • The concept, nature and purpose of mathematics. The process of identifying the "unknowns" in the process of solving the equation. Characteristic and distinctive features of types of equations, examples of possible solutions. Features Diophantine equation.

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  • Subject and method of statistical science. Elements of probability theory. Random variables and their distribution laws. Fundamental of statistical observation. Grouping, consolidated return and data presentation. Basics of averages statistics method.

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