A history, the main mathematical results and applications for the mathematics of harmony

Applications of the mathematics of harmony as a new interdisciplinary direction of modern science. Algorithmic measurement theory, number systems with irrational bases and their applications in computer science, the hyperbolic Fibonacci functions.

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  • Names of Greek letters and their pronunciation in formulas. Some facts on the development of the number system. Abbreviation and mathematical dictionary for the telecommunications specialists. Expressions and constructions used while retelling texts.

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  • The notion of weighted sharing of sets improving theorem A.I. Lahiri. Idea of gradation of sharing of values and sets known as weighted sharing. The definitions of the value distribution theory. Nonconstant meromorphic functions having no simple poles.

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  • The algorithm of the basic components of a linear analysis. Work on nonlinear PCA, or NLPCA, autoassociative's neural networks, principal curves and manifolds, kernel the combination's of these approaches. The problem areas that require research.

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  • The mathematization of scientific knowledge. The role of mathematization process as precondition of transformation of science into direct productive force of the industrial society. Factor of scientific communication complementarity in knowledge society.

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  • Normed linear spaces. Contraction mapping theorem. Applications to differential and integral equations. Linear transformations. Product spaces and Fubini's theorem. Projection and self-adjoint operators. Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization. Fourier analysis.

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  • Absolute value of a complex number, and conjugate complex number. Integral powers and roots of complex numbers. Taylor’s and Laurent’s theorems. Evaluation of integral of meromorphic function. Fundamental elementary functions of complex variables.

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  • Properties of Probability Distributions. Conditional Distributions and Expectation. Characteristic Functions, Moments and Cumulants. Parametric Families of Distributions. Distribution Theory for Functions of Random Variables, Approximation of Integrals.

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  • Measure theory, discrete time martingales and discrete time option pricing. Continuous time martingales. Stochastic integrals, calculus and differential equations. Option pricing in continuous time. Random measures, stochastic calculus (characteristics).

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  • The uniqueness problem of meromorphic functions having the same pole sharing of a nite set with the aid of weighted sharing of sets we. Meromorphic functions in whole complex plane. Standard notations of the Nevanlinna theory of meromorphic functions.

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  • Korobov polynomials as paradeterminants of triangular matrices. Some of the formulas of interpolation of functions of many variables and the discrete analogue of the summation formula of Euler - basic use of mathematical polynomials of this type.

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