Daniel Defoe (1660-1731). His life and work

History of life writer D. Defoe. "Robinson Crusoe" is the story of a shipwreck on a desert island. "Captain Singleton": the voyage story of a captain who becomes a pirate. "Colonel Jack": the story of a pickpocket who repents. Structure of Defoe’s novels.

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  • Analysis of the process of creating the world of Narnia C. Lewis through the prism of the biblical narrative, which allows us to draw a parallel between the two stories. Many similarities and differences between the biblical story and the world of Lewis.

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  • Summary of the novel by Somerset Maugham "The Moon and Sixpence". Characteristics of the image of the protagonist Strickland. The reasons that Strickland ran away from her family and decided to dedicate his life to painting. The image of Mrs. Strickland.

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  • Familiarization with the biography and works (novel "Curtain") of Agatha Christie, which was one of the most creative writers of the 20th-century, had become a prolific writer of murder, mystery and suspense, and also best-selling novelist of all time.

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  • Branch of comparative literature as literary imagology addresses the problems of national representations in literature. Consideration novels of the celebrated American-Russian writer Nabokov from the perspective of imago and literary image of America.

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  • The researching how medieval English reality of Geoffrey Chaucer’s "The Miller’s Tale" is brought across to the present-day reader in modern English translation. Singles out major reality-building constituents that make up the world of the famous story.

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  • Brief Biography of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The reflection in her true essence of beauty, the meaning of life. The salvation of mankind from the impending inevitable catastrophe as one of the themes in the works of the writer. The tale by Saint-Exupery.

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  • "Робинзон Крузо" Д.Дефо - значительное событие в истории мировой литературы. Взаимодействие документального и художественного жанров в романе. Образ Робинзона и его источники. "Общечеловеческая" тема Робинзона — человека, предоставленного самому себе.

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  • Художественный концепт ordeal как ведущий смысловой компонент биографического романа И. Стоуна "Lust for life", посвященного творчеству Винсента Ван Гога. Выявление и изучение концептуальных признаков исследуемого концепта, формирующих его содержание.

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  • Description of the biography Mark Twain the first truly American writer. The characteristic features of the style of his letters. The analysis works: "the adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn" the main themes, motifs, issues and language.

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  • The study of the novel genre from the point of view of comparative poetics. The American writer Pearl S. Buck theoretically in the study "The Chinese Novel", as well as artistically in her Chinese novels demonstrates the specificity of the Chinese genre.

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