Daniel Defoe (1660-1731). His life and work

History of life writer D. Defoe. "Robinson Crusoe" is the story of a shipwreck on a desert island. "Captain Singleton": the voyage story of a captain who becomes a pirate. "Colonel Jack": the story of a pickpocket who repents. Structure of Defoe’s novels.

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  • Daniel Defoe is the father of the modern periodical. The most interesting of Defoe's "documentary" works. Style of Jane Austen. Jonathan Swift is the greatest prose-writer and a very great literary artist. Features of novels of many English writers.

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  • Agatha Christie as best known detective story writer. Writer's birth and learning at home, her library in Britain. Agatha's first novel and famous sleuth Miss Marple. Unhappy life of Agatha and marriage of Max Mallowan. Writer's literary heritage.

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  • Analysis "Making it all right" of King. The main styles of the works of Wilson. The short story "the Teacher" Anderson, their lexical characteristics. "Arrangement in black and white", written by D. Parker. "And вit to sing and dance" written by S. Hill.

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  • Studying the life and the career of the famous English writer Bernard Show. Description of his public and social activities, work as critic of the art, religious convictions and scientific views. Analyzing his well-known novels, short stories and plays.

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  • The short prose of the prominent this Austrian writer, one of the leading representatives of German literature, became a distinctive artistic phenomenon and analyze the factors influencing the short story writings of Arthur Schnitzler (1862—1931).

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  • The main stages of life of English writer Jane Austen. Parenting in the family and school for primary education. The work together with sister on a published work. Creating social novels, displaying of living of the middle class of the eighteenth century.

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  • Gaining worldwide popularity and vast fortune from Jack London's literary activity in fiction. Key topics and works in the literary legacy of Jack London. Gold rush and first success of Jack London. The story and theme of the novel "Martin Eden".

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  • George Bernard Shaw (26 July 1856-2 November 1950) was an eminent Irish playwright, literary critic, journalist, photographer and traveler. The story of his life and the main stages of literary creativity. Political views and activities of the writer.

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  • Характеристика та специфіка пейзажів роману Д. Дефо "Robinson Crusoe". Використання іменників на позначення географічних назв, координат та кількісних числівників у творі. Особливості та сутність процесу створення реальної картини морської подорожі.

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  • The opposition images that are revealed through the usage of symbols that include weather depiction, color representation. The depict the image of purity, innocence and love, of darkness and night, sad, unhappy feelings in story of Ann Beattie’s "Snow".

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