Main lexical and grammatical divergences of the British and American variants

Written and spoken forms of British and American English. Main lexical and grammatical divergences. The differences in lexis or vocabulary between British and American English. Words and phrases with different meanings. Social and cultural differences.

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  • Current innovational processes on the lexical level in the English language. Studying the peculiarities of the formation of neologisms that have been announced the winners of the Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionary. Derivational types of words.

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  • Main features of vowel system and consonant system of Welsh English pronunciation. Analyze the phonological structure of Welsh English pronunciation. The vowel and consonant system differences of Welsh English. Examples and differences of Welsh English.

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  • Investigation of the peculiarities of the process of formulation in modern English. Determination of replenishment of the vocabulary and improvement of the grammatical system of speech. Flashing is one of the most productive ways of word formation.

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  • Analyzes of problem of formulating invariant or prototype meanings of language forms including grammatical constructions. Consideration of the semantic prototype of the given grammatical forms which could be used for interpreting different discourse.

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  • Definition to term "Noun". Semantical Characteristics of English Nouns. Main features of English nouns. Expressions of natural language. Traditional school grammars. The scope of the semantic differences of the plural forms. The category of number.

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  • The climate of Britain. The flora of the British Isles is and the fauna. The population of London. Today English is the language of the world. Foreign languages as the main the most efficient means of information exchange of the people of our planet.

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  • Comparison grammatical and semantic component of word-forms of the same word. Semantic analysis of related words in English and Russian. Denotational and Connotational meaning of the word. Historical, Psychological, Linguistic causes of semantic change.

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  • The actual problems of modern English language of the ХХІ-st century. Separating the most striking external factors which had an influence on lexical changes in the English language. Factors that affected English and its enrichment of new lexical units.

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  • Address of author to the question of educating to reading. Theoretical analysis of process of perfection of read skills student and also actuality the use of original texts of the English and American writers on employments on a foreign language.

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  • Survey of the Development of English Grammatical Theory. Morphology and syntax in the English Voice System. Problems of Field Structure. Infinitival, Gerundial and Participial Phrases. Transpositions and Functional Re-evaluation of Syntactic Structures.

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