Hallmarks of LLM in comparative and international dispute resolution at Queen Mary University of London

Analysis of the distinctive positive aspects of the Master's Program "Comparative and International Dispute Resolution" at Queen Mary University of London. Application of the method of analysis and synthesis of legal and scientific-methodical sources.

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  • Description of the educational system in the UK. The typology of schools, their characteristics. National curriculum and educational structure of the country. The analysis of further and higher education. The most famous universities of England.

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  • The innovative "learning by doing" approach to education centered on situational learning with a special reference to scenario-based business studies. The origin of this method. Study of its application in the international trade practice course.

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  • The story of British schools. Arguments about the purpose of education. The civic university movement. University Charter Awarded. There are plenty of stereotypes, British education is only Oxford and Cambrige, but there are educational stereotypes.

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  • The First Certificate in English is one of the examination available from University of Cambridge examination. The test consists of five sections: Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening, Speaking. The overall FCE grade is based on the total score.

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  • The article presents the research of the monitoring that has recently been intensified, as well as radical changes in the organization of Ukrainian universities. The authors give emphasis to the monitoring stages, analyzing the objectives and results.

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  • The analysis of aspects relating to the introduction of standards of mathematical education in the United States of America. An analysis of the content of these standards in terms of episteme, the discovery and justification of key areas of study.

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  • Analysis of the educational activities of American universities. Coverage of accreditation and educational activities of higher education institutions in the United States. Trends to formation of a single educational space. Reform of US higher education.

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  • The possibility of implementing aт approach to instructing university level students (under- and post graduates) to write research projects in English. Analysis pattern phrases typical of English academic writing to perform different discourse functions.

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  • Training of specialists in the field of petroleum engineering. Dependence of the effectiveness of interdisciplinary training on the overall dynamics of the team. Indicators confirming the existence of an interdisciplinary management system of university.

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  • Learning creative ways Victor Yavorsky - teacher and public figure, doctor of technical Sciences, honorary Professor of Lviv Polytechnic National University and Ukrainian state University of chemical technology, member of the Academy of Sciences.

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