The basic principles of behavioral risk management improvement

The concept of behavioral risk management. Using the method of behavioral Economics and predictive analysis to reduce the cost of enterprise-related health problems and conduct of personnel in the workplace. The process of improving risk management.

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  • The telecommunication sector risk profile are identified based on qualitative and quantitative risk management. Prospective for using Bayesian technologies at continuous risk management are determined. Experience of telecom companies in risk management.

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  • Scientific generalization and systematization of proposals for risk management, depending on the environment of the organization. Characteristics of risk management models. The impact of risk on the competitiveness of economic subjects of the state.

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  • Characteristics of the main indicators of an assessment of risk. The place and role of these indicators in the management and organization of innovative projects. Effective determination of the level of risk associated with the activities of enterprises.

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  • The correspondence of the perception of the essence of enterprise management processes and personnel system approach. Justification of the strategic elements of the subsystem of personnel management and tapiserie process of enterprise management.

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  • The analysis of risk factors when entering into leasing agreements and lease of relationships. Finding ways of reducing losses, neutralization the impact of risks on the performance of the leasing companies. Elements of risk management leasing company.

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  • The role and importance of information for the cost management process and the enterprise as a whole. The essence and elements of information support of the enterprise. Definition of the concept of "information provision of enterprise cost management".

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  • Strategies for managing the risks. Range of strategic approaches for dealing with risks. Identifying hazards. Stakeholders and spreading the risks. Analysis the ten elements of operation that represent the main risk areas to the success of a business.

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  • Quality management systems in projects. Management commitment and strategic process. Management reviews and progress evaluations. Interdependency-related processes. Scope-related processes. Measurement, analysis and improvement. One continual improvement.

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  • Describes tendencies of personnel management in Ukrainian pharmaceutical enterprises in order to estimate the current level of personnel management. Analysis personnel management is a fundamental element of quality system in pharmaceutical industry.

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  • The directions of improvement of the personnel management structure of communal enterprises as a strategic imperative for the development of a city management system. The need to improve the efficiency of companies to bring them to European standards.

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