Organization of the petroleum exporting nations OPEC

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is an organization consisting of the world's major oil-exporting nations, having a goal to coordinate the petroleum policies of its members. Objective, areas of operation, means, resources of OFID.

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  • Multimedia learning process. Role playing and scenario analysis that is mostly used in organizations that try to analyze a problem pertaining to the organization and also used in management institutions. Mnemonics words – approach, multimedia elements.

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  • Christmas Day how a merry family holiday for all the people of Great Britain. The main tradition and organization of celebration. Christmas trees in houses, in the streets and churches. Turkey with cranberry sauce and plum pudding - a typical lunch.

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  • Characteristic essence, functions of strategic planning. The purposes of the organization. An estimation and the analysis of an environment. Administrative research of internal factors of firm. Studying strategic alternatives and a choice of strategy.

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  • Abel Janszoon Tasman as the first European explorer who discovered New Zealand. Social organization with families, sub-tribes and tribes. The influence on New Zealand American, Australian and other European cultures. The traditional crafts of carving.

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  • The emergence of lexicography and the study of aspects of vocabulary. Analysis of the principles of compiling the dictionary, its structural and graphic organization. The main types of information: orthographic, etymological, grammatical, idioms.

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  • Economy as a science, its sections. A private property and profit as market economy elements. Essence and marketing functions. Industrial management of the organization. A role and advantages of a competition in the market. Enterprise fixed capital.

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  • A tax and it`s types. The business enterprise as a system of monetary flow. Types of transactions. Types and forms of business organization. Activities and responsibilities of the central bank. Organizational structure of the Federal Reserve System.

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  • Conceptual approaches to the formation of stages of development of new enterprises. Determination of the essence of a startup and all the necessary degrees of its cycle of existence. Improving the financial condition and market prosperity of the company.

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  • Analysis of the external environment of industrial premises. Determination of moisture content, air flow and temperature of the surface facilities, equipment and thermal radiation. Moving air between rooms. Forming microclimate and thermal regime.

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  • Business english and its characteristic features. Classification of organization cultures. Advice for job seekers. letter of inquiry. Money and methods of payment. Letter of offer. Stores and consumers. Abbreviations used in business correspondence.

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