Organization of the petroleum exporting nations OPEC

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is an organization consisting of the world's major oil-exporting nations, having a goal to coordinate the petroleum policies of its members. Objective, areas of operation, means, resources of OFID.

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  • The main characteristic of the status of the Ukrainian economy in comparison with the economy of the member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Analysis of the study of adaptation of the Ukrainian economic system.

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  • The study of corporate culture as a factor in the impact on the effectiveness of the organization and the productivity of its employees. The peculiarity of establishing the relationship between the goals of the organization and the goals of employees.

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  • Significance of phonosemantic organization in text comprehension on different levels of analysis of sound symbolism. The objects of phonosemantics such as phenomena of sound symbolism and imitation. The relationship between comprehension and emotions.

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  • The main characteristic of features of a different level of adaptation of young specialists of a research organization. Conducting a study of the success of the adaptation of a youthful specialist to the specifics of work and research activities.

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  • The ICRC, established in 1863, works worldwide to provide humanitarian help for people affected by conflict and armed violence and to promote the laws that protect victims of war an independent and neutral organization. Geneva Conventions mandate)

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  • Successes and failures in United Nations peacekeeping operations. A feature of preventing further conflicts and disputes between countries. Analysis of the protection of human rights and the environment by unification. The work of the club is privileged.

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  • Description and features of hotel services, the list of requiring payment and free of charge services. Types of additional services which are given in tourist complexes of Ukraine. Organization of domestic consumer, transport, leisure services in hotels.

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  • Ensuring the employment of human resources and their exit from the organization. Protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the republic. Dependence of efficiency and achievement of the main function of the army from human resources.

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  • Contradictions between the requirements of the state to organize a constructive pedagogical process in educational institutions. Use in the practice of training teachers training, special training professionally directed organization of student leisure.

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  • Realization of directions of organizational support of jury activity. Recommendations on the Council of the Jury Circuit Court as one of the forms of self-organization of citizens with the status of an advisory body under the chairman of the court.

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