Handbook of remote biometrics

Biometrics at a distance: issues, challenges, and prospects. Advanced technologies for touchless fingerprint recognition. Long-range facial image acquisition and quality. Detection of singularities in fingerprint images using linear phase portraits.

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  • Обзор стабильного приложения для удалённого подключения к личному компьютеру Remote Desktop, терминального решения на Linux - LTSP. Компоненты, из которых состоит сервер. Сравнение приложений LTSP и Remote Desktop. Плюсы и минусы терминальных решений.

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  • Proposing to use complex methods to improve the efficiency of solving linear programming problems using large-scale classical approaches and technologies parallel processing CUDA. Specificity of program and algorithmic features use of the technology.

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  • The role of information technologies as one of the key factors in labour productivity growth under current conditions. The contribution of information technologies into the average annual growth of labour productivity in a range of some countries.

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  • In the article efficiency of DCT-based filters for a wide-class of images is investigated. The study is carried out for additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) case with several intensity levels. Local DCT-based filter is used as basic denoising technique.

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  • Image as the object image, the phenomenon, in varying degrees, such a depicted or the process of their creation. Development of a method for classification of text and graphic image area. Training and classification using machine reference Vectors.

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  • The concept of image segmentation as one of the topics of computer vision. The features of the process of dividing the image into segments that contain pixels of similar color. The implementation of the algorithm based on Kruskal's algorithm in C++.

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  • The main types of noise and filters that remove them from the image and analyze the apparent differences in the distribution of the image (using the watershed algorithm). Choosing the best filter to use when working with the watershed algorithm.

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  • Classification method of graphic and text area of the image. The principles and stages of construction of the narrative function characterizing the sizes of objects in the image, can be used for training and classification using support vector machines.

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  • Features of the design method of classification of text and graphic image area. Building descriptive functions that characterize the sizes of the objects in the image, which can be used for learning and classification using support vector machine.

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  • A novel family of data-driven linear transformations, aimed at finding low dimensional embeddings of multivariate data, in a way that optimally preserves the structure of the data. The PCA and Fisher’s LDA are the special members in this transformation.

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