Handbook of remote biometrics

Biometrics at a distance: issues, challenges, and prospects. Advanced technologies for touchless fingerprint recognition. Long-range facial image acquisition and quality. Detection of singularities in fingerprint images using linear phase portraits.

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  • Discriminating computer graphics images with hidden Markov tree model. Detection of tampering inconsistencies on mobile photos. Robust audio watermarking by using low-frequency histogram. A reversible acoustic steganography by integrity verification.

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  • The issue of necessity of monitoring circumstance of software systems implemented through service-based principle in conditions of continuous development and enhancement. Pattern and antipattern detection. Metric calculation algorithms. Response time.

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  • Methods for graphic and text image region classification. Construction of the narrative function characterizing areas of the image sub-elements is proposed. This function can be used for training and classification using support vector machines.

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  • Encryption standard adopted by the USA government through a competitive Advanced Encryption Standard. Evaluation algorithms for the various platforms. Cryptographic analysis and its properties. Testing of individual algorithms. Algorithmic version of AES.

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  • The methods of image segmentation, a process of division of an image into different segments which contain pixels of similar color, are considered. Graph-based segmentation algorithm, which is based on Kruskal’s algorithm is implemented in C++ language.

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  • Linear Programming is concerned with maximizing or minimizing an equation over certain criteria. Mixed Integer Linear Programming: Techniques for Solving, Contribution of the Project, Solving Using Branch. Schematic for Branch and Cut algorithm.

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  • Характеристика роли коллекций во всех приложениях Office 2000. Главные объекты Range, их задачи и принцип действия. Сущность Selection как пример косвенной адресации, основные отличия и его применение в работе. Особенности и задачи макросов, их виды.

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  • Course determination algorithm that proposed based on the correlation of pairs of images. The errors of course determination that are investigated for different threshold values of normalized correlation coefficient. Components of course errors.

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  • Exploring the state of foreign experience in the use of modern web technologies at medical libraries and the current state of the information service in Ukrainian medical libraries using Internet technologies. Role of mobile technologies in libraries.

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  • Development of classification method, graphic and text area of the image. Building a narrative function that characterizes the size of objects in the picture. Consideration the classification of text and graphic regions on a fragment of document image.

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