German Culture: Customs and Traditions

Famous Germany Customs and Traditions. Oktoberfest in Germany. Most people are familiar with the German festival Oktoberfest. The holiday of st. Martin. This holiday in Germany is celebrated every year on 11 November. Weddings Traditions. Sankt Nikolaus.

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  • The role of slam in urban culture, the history of its origin, the reasons of its popularity in the USA. 1st annual Poetry Slam took place in San Francisco. The competitive art of performance poetry. Poetry Slam Incorporated is the non-profit organization.

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  • English-Speaking Countries. What is Culture. Holidays in Great Britain and in the USA. Music in Britain. Steven Spielberg: Movie Wizard. Charlie Chaplin – Comic Genius of the Cinema. The History of English Literature. Painting and Architecture in Britain.

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  • Ways of greeting people and introducing oneself. Greeting phrases in different languages. Greeting rituals in the USA, Britain, Belgium, Japan, China, Albania, Armenia and Russia. Salutation in films. Cheek kissing is a common greeting in many cultures.

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  • The serial nature as a feature of mass culture, its manifestation in different aspects of human life, including in art. Trends in the frequency and variability in the detective. The development of the image of the cultural hero, claiming a human value.

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  • The process of adjustment one can anticipate stress and this helps minimize the severity of reactions and leads to deeper understanding and integrating into the new culture. The phenomenon of culture shock from the viewpoint of cross-cultural psychology.

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  • Investigation of the anthropogenesis triad "brain-thinking-language" as a culturological determinant, the habitat of the settlement of the genus Homo. Their links with Olduai culture, that is, the culture of pebbles and/or Abbelevskaya (Shelsk) culture.

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  • Analysis the question of how culture reveals itself in the application of qualitative research methods in intercultural communication. The interpersonal intercultural relation climate. Culture, analysis and interpretation in qualitative research.

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  • Analysis of the Indian cultural heritage. Research religions, family structure and marriage, cuisine and clothing. Introduction to languages and literature, performing and visual arts, greetings, festivals, cinema, sports and Indian martial arts.

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  • The analysis of the culture of mankind - an indicator that demonstrates the presence of internal artistic parallels between periods. Neuro-Art - the creation of internal images in the human subconscious under the influence of sensory life experience.

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  • The Renaissance is the era in the history of European culture, had come on the changing culture of the Middle ages. The General trends in art. The rupture with the previous historic experience of artistic creativity, the desire to approve a new.

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