Credit institututions and legal framework important for development of small and medium sized enterprises in Russia

The importance of micro and small enterprises in the economies of European and Asian countries. Creation of fair market conditions, convenient banking regulation and correction of the legal framework to support the growth of enterprises in Russia.

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  • State policy in the field of development of agro-industrial complex of Russia for the purpose of elaboration of suggestions for improvement of mechanisms of regulation of the grain market. Shortcomings of the mechanism of regulation of the grain market.

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  • The study of trends economic value added (EVA) and the relationship of this indicator with the creation of shareholder value in corporate enterprises. Analysis of the impact of EVA on the formation of market prices. Research in the field of investment.

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  • Analysis conditions that can promote and create obstacles for developing clusters in Russia. The author considers that for successful integration into the world economy it’s very important to have regions which are able to use engineering effectively.

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  • Role of import substitution as an effective tool for optimal development of a market economy in conditions of sanctions pressure of Western countries. The main problems associated with the implementation of the policy of import substitution in Russia.

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  • Transformation processes that took place in the credit market of Ukraine under the influence of the modern financial and economic crisis. Have been analyzed problems and factors that caused the long stagnation of the credit activity in banking sector.

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  • Analysis of features of development of economic strategy of industrial enterprise in conditions of instability on the materials of Eastern Kazakhstan. Analysis of production of major industrial products in the region, its largest industrial enterprises.

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  • Сurrent state and potential of development of enterprises of the printing industry. The comparison of the results between the Ukrainian and other countries printing industry. The main trends of this industry in Ukraine and in the world were described.

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  • Analysis of product competitiveness as the main factor of its commercial success in the market with a large number of manufacturers of similar products. Description of the features of evaluation and analysis of products of food industry enterprises.

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  • The behavior of the metallurgical industry under crisis conditions is analyzed. It is concluded that Russia should develop innovative activities in the metallurgical industry. Priorities for reducing production risks and competitiveness in a crisis.

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  • Analysis of the current state of bakery enterprises of Odessa region. Characteristics of formation of demand, the market of bakery products in Odessa region. Key recommendations with regards to possible directions of problem-solving enterprises.

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