Credit institututions and legal framework important for development of small and medium sized enterprises in Russia

The importance of micro and small enterprises in the economies of European and Asian countries. Creation of fair market conditions, convenient banking regulation and correction of the legal framework to support the growth of enterprises in Russia.

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  • The role of small and medium enterprises in the economy of Cameroon, the inadequacy of their financing in the context of the еconomic crisis on the continent. Creation of investment promotion agency. Provision of credit to small and medium enterprises.

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  • The importance of entrepreneurship in the socio-economic development of regions and countries. Features of the formation of the middle class in Ukraine. Introduction of effective credit and guarantee mechanisms for microcrediting of small enterprises.

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  • Introduction of regional development programs in Ukraine, their place at all levels of functioning of small enterprises in modern conditions. Directions and obligatory components of the regional development program on the example of the Lviv region.

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  • The relationship between innovation and enterprises competitiveness, analyzing the key trends in innovative activity in Ukraine in the sector of SMB. The directions in stimulating innovative activity of small and medium-sized businesses are determined.

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  • Innovation policy of Ukraine, its main problems. Departure from clan-oligarchic model of the economy to one built on free enterprise. Implementation of measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises, regional innovation infrastructure development.

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  • Principles of a approach to legislative support of the innovation and investment sectors of the economy. The systematization of the appropriate legal framework and detail regarding the application of legal instruments in the regulatory legal framework.

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  • Conceptual framework for the rapid diagnosis of industrial enterprises. Typology of factors of influence on the process of express diagnostics, the content of problems arising during its implementation. The importance of indices for grouping steps.

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  • Is financial capital provided to early-stage, high-potential, growth startup companies. Venture capital boom and the Internet Bubble. Control over the correctness of the company's decision-making. Access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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  • Concept, basic signs, aims and functions of entrepreneurial activity, her maintenance and classification. Analysis of small business, his essence and characteristic features. Modern problems of functioning and state support of small enterprises.

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  • The reformation of a mechanism for economic, legal support of market relations. The necessary institutional changes and processes of reformation of particular economic institutions and important aspects in reformation of the economic and legal mechanism.

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