Fusion of deformed nuclei

The study forms the colliding nuclei. Defining the role of quadratic terms in the quadrupole deformations on the fusion cross section around the barrier induced deformed nuclei. The approach for determining the parameters of the nuclear potential.

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  • The current state of the incoherent scattering equipment in the observatory of Institute of Ionosphere for the purpose of showing radar potential. To introduce techniques for the parameters of the ionosphere measurement and ionospheric data processing.

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  • Classification of power plants: working on fossil fuel, nuclear, thermal and coal. Steam turbine installations and the use in them of the dynamic pressure created by the expansion of steam to rotate the turbine. Reciprocating internal combustion engines

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  • Measurement of an exit of reaction of nd of disorder in experiment on the RADEKS neutron channel of Institute of nuclear researches (Moscow). Detecting of two secondary neutrons in a configuration a neutron-neutron interaction in a final condition.

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  • Energy security is the association between national security and the availability of natural resources for energy consumption. International trade in oil and gas. Risks associated with nuclear power technology. Features the use of solar heating systems.

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  • Movement of particles in the dielectric fluid toward the electrode of opposite charge. The study of the electrical and optical properties of the electrophoretic display composition of the suspension. Key factors determining the quality of the image.

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  • Solar and water power. Nuclear power plants. Appropriate regions for alternative energy. Environmental problems that may have a terrible influence on the future of the world. Greenhouse effect is the emissions of different gases in the process of firing.

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  • A formal result of the longitudinal force acting on a moving potential. The equivalence between the adiabatic perturbation theory and the kinetic theory for the longitudinal force in the dilute gas limit. The longitudinal force. Long-ranged potentials.

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  • The possibility of the two-step triggering of nuclear isomers by short X-ray laser pulses via an excited intermediate level. The estimations of the decay acceleration are performed for the isomer of 84-Rb in the field of future European X-ray laser.

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  • Development the constructive version of pump unit’s combined turbine drive. Use of wet non-separated steam as a working body. Twin-rotor combined turbine drive with a transmission for the nuclear power plant equipment emergency water supply system.

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  • Manufacture of containers for transportation and storage of spent nuclear fuel. A composite of depleted uranium dioxide (DUO2) with concrete. Study of the efficiency of radiation protection DUCRETETM in comparison with the container of plain concrete.

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