Fusion of deformed nuclei

The study forms the colliding nuclei. Defining the role of quadratic terms in the quadrupole deformations on the fusion cross section around the barrier induced deformed nuclei. The approach for determining the parameters of the nuclear potential.

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  • The energy approach (Gell-Mann and Low S-matrix formalism) and relativistic perturbation theory with the Dirac-Kohn-Sham zeroth approximation. A study of autoionization resonances in complex atoms. Features of autoionization resonances in ytterbium.

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  • Traditional energy in power systems, agriculture is not a sector with great investment potential. Intensive development of information technologies, smart grids, control theory and operations research. The base of upgrading of the rural power industry.

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  • Study of response function of CdZnTe detector to measure the energy spectra of electrons. The calculation of spectra by the Monte Carlo method. The use detector model fitting parameters: products of mobility on the average lifetimes of electrons, holes.

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  • An analysis of the methodology for identifying the modal parameters of a dynamic system of structures using the Kalman filter, which is a powerful tool of modern control theory. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the method for identifying the structure.

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  • Actual trends in development of power system protection and automation. Identification of circuit parameters of power network elements. The proof of applicability of power line parameters identification algorithm. Synchrophasor application tasks.

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  • Characteristic variable capacitor structure. The definition of electronic control features. Issdelovanie circuit AC bridge. Determination of the resistance measuring bridge capacitors parameters. Consideration device universal scheme of the bridge.

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  • The task on the classification of the linear stochastic differential Ito equation of a given type which changes due to the parameters appearing in this equation. The study is a table full of group classification of the equations. Lie operation algebra.

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  • Features of the use Gauss law. System with two line charges. The potential from both line charges is a superposition of both potential. Since the system has a high symmetry, may to use Ampere's law. Choice of the Ampere loop. The magnetic field.

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  • Importance of the different parameters of wearing out of power transformer insulation prediction structure and operating factors. Selection of configuration and parameters of paper insulation and transformer oil technical state models is investigated.

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  • Analysis of the Faraday effect and magnetic susceptibility TbAlO3. Development of assumptions about the role of the Van Vleck mechanism in the formation the magneto-optical properties of Tb3+ ion in the compound YAlO3. The study of linear magnetic effect.

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