Еssence of labor migration

Description of one of the dominant types of exchange in the modern society - an exchange by labor resources, which name is labor migration. Analysis of the purpose of moving such as employment on more favorable conditions than in the country of stay.

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  • Research on short-term and long-term relationship between the index of the Istanbul stock exchange and the performance of the real economy, including GDP. Identify long-term equilibrium relationship between stock prices and macroeconomic variables.

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  • Export and Economic Growth in China: A Demand-Oriented Analysis. Peking University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The Impact of Exports on Imports, Consumption and Investment. Theoretical Analysis of the Relationship Between Exports.

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  • The study of the evolution of the economy under the influence of the globalization processes that stimulates the process of its transformation due to activation of structural shifts in economic activity. Structural changes in the investment system.

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  • Maintenance of foreign trade in goods and services, international movement of capital, transfer of profits from one country to another, foreign loans and grants as the objectives of currency. The difference of international transactions on domestic.

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  • Research of the basic directions on management of incomes by the enterprises in modern conditions of managing. Evaluation of the conditions affecting the formation of the company's revenues and the development of measures aimed at their growth.

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  • The frequency of price changes for 350 categories of goods and services covering about 70 percent of consumer spending, on the basis of unpublished data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 1995–1997. The importance of price stickiness in economics.

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  • Study of the directions of minimizing the consequences of inconsistency of supply and demand in the innovative labor market, initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Theoretical substantiation of the professional qualities of innovative workers.

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  • The assessment of regional concentration of world capital exports and imports, allocation of financial assets, geographic structure of stock, bond and foreign exchange markets is conducted. Provide the best economic conditions for dealing operations.

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  • The increase in production of goods and services due to the growth of labor productivity, capital increase, new technological developments. Consideration of aggregate demand, supply models. The incentives for market. The strategy of combating the crisis.

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  • Discussing of the problem of unregistered employment, its scale and characteristics in Poland. The scale of unregistered employment in Poland. Participation of students in a particular form of employment and assessment of employment forms attractiveness.

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