Еssence of labor migration

Description of one of the dominant types of exchange in the modern society - an exchange by labor resources, which name is labor migration. Analysis of the purpose of moving such as employment on more favorable conditions than in the country of stay.

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  • General Characteristics of JSC "Intergas Central Asia". Financial risks. Vision and purpose of the JSC "Intergas Central Asia". Organizational structure. Analysis of key markets and Analysis of Financial Statements. Financial and economic indicators.

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  • The ratings of the largest TNCs in the world on market capitalization. The division of corporations in terms of production specialization in 2010 and 2016. The tendency of changes in the dominant branches of transnationalization of international business.

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  • Consideration the design of capital market, stock market exchange and alternative investment market, fundamental theories of paying dividend, factors which influence dividend policy of the companies and problems faced by start-up firms seeking capital.

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  • Use and development of entrepreneurial resources in modern economic systems. The effectiveness of a modern entrepreneurial resource in Kazakhstan. Development of the national economic system of with the inclusion of an entrepreneurial resource.

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  • The features of the model of economic growth and possible ways of improving the basic tools of macroeconomic policy of Azerbaijan: problems in the fiscal, monetary and exchange rate policies in the medium term. Expenditures of state budget of Azerbaijan.

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  • The main economic resources (natural, human and manufactured capital) and types of economic systems (command, mixed, market). Measures of life and environmental quality. Concept of externalities. Principles essential to building a sustainable economy.

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  • The relationship between supplier trust in the buyer and transaction costs and information sharing in a sample of 344 supplier-automaker exchange relationships in the United States, Japan, and Korea. Examples of industries that fit these characteristic.

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  • Analysis of current state of energy supply in housing and utilities sector. Study of complex of demarketing of energy. Characteristic of the practices of use of demarketing tools of fuel and energy resources in the housing and utilities sector of Ukraine.

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  • Accumulation of capital, the improvement of technology and increase of level of education of society as the main factors for development of European states. Diagnostics of the current state and evaluation of the prospects for the innovations in Poland.

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  • Formation of definition technique of economic efficiency of retail chain operational activity. Formulation of algorithm description of economic efficiency analysis of operational activity. Analysis of expenses of the company and trading activity.

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