Darwin-Lagrangian analysis for the interaction of a point charge and a magnet: considerations related to the controversy regarding the aharonov-bohm and aharonov-casher phase shifts

The classical electromagnetic interaction of a point charge. The Darwin-Lagrangian and electromagnetic fields. Two-particle model for a magnetic moment. Conservation laws and transition to a multiparticle magnet. Forces in the multiparticle limit.

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  • Nеаr-infrared spectroscopy is a spectroscopic method that uses the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The methane detector by using near-infrared radiation with different wavelengths ranges. The greatest value within the wavelength.

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  • The problem of synthesis for an infinite circular impedance cylinder is investigated. The law of impedance distribution must provide, with higher speed, the electromagnetic field attenuation along the structure, as compared with an conducting cylinder.

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  • Detailed arguments showing that the set of Maxwell equations, and the corresponding wave equations, do not properly describe the evolution of electromagnetic wave-fronts. Criticism of the theory of electromagnetism. Modified the Maxwell equations.

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  • The principle of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy by an electromagnetic field. The invention and introduction to the production of a perfect electric generator. The essence and specificity of the principle of electromagnetic induction.

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  • Centroids and Moments of Inertia, and Center of Mass. First Moment and Centroid of a Set of Points. Kinematics of a Particle. Dynamics of a Particle. Polar and Cylindrical Coordinates. Kinematics of Rigid Bodies. Equation of Motion for the Mass Center.

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  • A theory of electromagnetic wave multiple scattering by ensemble of dielectric and conductive bodies, with describing the excited currents inside bodies of electric field tensor T-scattering operator. A system of equations for currents on surfaces.

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  • Structural, magnetic and transport properties of electron beam evaporated, its multilayered structure. Determination of changes in the crystal structures for different sub-layers. The description of the particle size and the value of the coercive force.

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  • Study of spectral characteristics of layered chiral media using the method of matrix distribution. The calculation of the coefficients of transmission and reflection of linearly polarized electromagnetic wave on the structure of planar chiral layers.

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  • The study of temperature-frequency dependencies of the conductivity nestekhiometriya spinel. The existence of frequency dispersion of conductivity. The establishment of the value of conductivity, its dependence on the number of Fe2+ ions in the structure.

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  • Description of experiment on determination of the revolved moment of the charged elementary particles at a conclusion them from a spacehold. Change the rate of earthly movement through "Ether" with an inactive result and description of general paradox.

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