Darwin-Lagrangian analysis for the interaction of a point charge and a magnet: considerations related to the controversy regarding the aharonov-bohm and aharonov-casher phase shifts

The classical electromagnetic interaction of a point charge. The Darwin-Lagrangian and electromagnetic fields. Two-particle model for a magnetic moment. Conservation laws and transition to a multiparticle magnet. Forces in the multiparticle limit.

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  • Сalculating an energy separation for the protons and neutrons in the family mirror nuclei with Z=N±1. The energy separation of protons and neutrons from nuclei with odd and even nucleon subshell. The effect of particle-hole interaction in nucleus.

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  • Properties of nuclei, heavy ion collisions and neutron stars. An estimate of the coefficient of incompressibility. Frequent mode of interaction of a particle collision. The theory for the microscopic description of the various modes of giant resonances.

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  • Analysis of data on ultrasonic absorption in magnetic nanofluids. The explanation of the peaks of the absorption coefficient of ultrasound using the process of relaxation of the magnetic field to its equilibrium value in the model of magnetic fluid.

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  • The problem of the inverse conversion of powerful microwave energy into direct current energy is considered. The CWC type [4,5] is discussed, in which two microwave cavities are used, having uniform and fourfold electric fields in the interaction gaps.

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  • The investigation of the effects of nonionizing electromagnetic radiation on intact bovine lens using a lens organ culture system. Exposure above specific energy levels affects lens epithelium as demonstrated by changes in epithelial enzyme activities.

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  • The dependencies of energy flow density and energy density on wave vector for different magnitudes of external magnetic field are analyzed. The sign of the Poynting vector in each plasma region is investigated. The velocity of energy propagation is found.

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  • Description of the mathematical model of the distribution of the forces acting on a long balloon. An analytical scheme for solving the problem of changing the volume over time, constructed a function with the analysis of three aspects of transition.

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  • Designed optical antenna to increase the interaction area of a local absorber or emitter with free radiation, thereby making the light–matter interaction more efficient. Discussed parameters of aluminum nickel to reduce the cost of gold optical antenna.

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  • Review the basics of electrical engineering. Characteristics of methods for determining the properties of the electrical systems and fluctuations of the electromagnetic wave. Theoretical information in conjunction with the examples of solving problems.

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  • The latest research and development in China for magnetic field-enhanced vacuum arc deposition (MFE-VAD). The interaction between the magnetic field and cathode arc spot (and arc plasma). External magnetic field. The increasing of plasma density.

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