Uncertainty in economics and the economy of uncertainty

Uncertainty in keynesian, post-keynesian and institutional spheres of economic theory. Conditions of fundamental institutional uncertainty. The need for transaction costs of alternative coordination to provide temporary support to the economic system.

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  • The evaluation of management of integration of border regional economic systems within the frameworks of the system theory. Management of the economic system development within the integration process with economic system of Heilongjiang province.

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  • The term of economic growth. Four key elements of economic growth by Simon Kuznets. Benefits from growth driven by technological change. Economic and social costs from rising inequality. Advantages, disadvantages and forecasts of economic growth.

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  • Characteristics of the economic system of the United States. Introduction to the making of the colonial economy and the new nation. Movement south and westward. Economic expansion, enlarged markets. Industrial growth; inventions and resource development.

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  • Perspective of supply and demand. All changes in economic activity and all changes in financial markets’ prices. Different way of looking at the economy and markets. Economic booms and busts. How the Market-Based System Works. Phase of a deleveraging.

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  • Labor management problem. Financial support of the region's economy in line with the strategy of socio-economic development and innovation. A compromise between the priority of factors related to the quality and quantity of labor resources reproduction.

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  • Characteristics of transaction costs and institutions of the European Trucking Industry: familiarity with the key issues of the traditional stages of the economic analysis. Familiarity with basic facilities and human capital on the part of the driver.

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  • Conceptualizing structural elements of the economic system belonging to production processes. Defining an entity of economic management mechanism is a complex of organizational structures. Research and analysis of economic features of the food market.

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  • The study of the dynamics of national economic sector in Ukraine. Statistical analysis of macro- and meso-levels in terms of the post-industrial society. The definition of the content and essence of the concept of production functions Cobb-Douglas.

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  • The theory of "welfare economics", features of the world economy influence on welfare of humanity. The directions of the global economy influence on welfare, taking into account the trend of globalization. Evaluation of economic well-being of households.

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  • Types of Economic Systems. Traditional Economy, Command Economy, Free Market Economy. American Mixed Economy. Features of American Free Market Economy. How the Government influences. How would my pizzeria function under different economic systems.

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