Uncertainty in economics and the economy of uncertainty

Uncertainty in keynesian, post-keynesian and institutional spheres of economic theory. Conditions of fundamental institutional uncertainty. The need for transaction costs of alternative coordination to provide temporary support to the economic system.

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  • The main problem of institutional planning in changing economy. Time as a transaction costs. The situation when the firm opens an absolutely independent area is one of the forms of the enterprise's behavior in the conditions of market competition.

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  • Roles of information in the economic system in modern world. The main provisions of the theory of rational information gathering. Theory and practice of functioning of the information market. General equilibrium with markets for future and uncertainty.

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  • Features of the economic dimension of the convergence of institutional impacts relative to the sustainability of the development of domestic enterprises. Analysis of the basic provisions of institutional theories in the context of transaction costs.

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  • Research and characteristics of the institutional change and economic welfare. Acquaintance with a welfare, institutional changes in the period of crisis and growth. Determination of the main factors on which depends competition in economic system.

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  • International experience of companies, which using consultancy services to work effectively under conditions of uncertainty of the economic environment. Analyze global trends in the market of consulting services to support and develop business.

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  • Model based on fuzzy set theory as the most effective model of evaluation of innovative potential of enterprise, taking into account factors of uncertainty. The advantages of the model compared to the expert and statistical methods of evaluation.

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  • The interdependence of market mechanisms with the effectiveness of the institutional environment. The directions of forming a homogeneous institutional environment. The analysis of the transaction costs of telecommunications market public sector entities.

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  • Elaborated of system approach to the analysis of economic systems reforming with underlining the importance of reform "management" factor which defines productivity of economic development. Characteristic features of correction of J. Hellmann’s model.

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  • Grouping of countries according to the compliance rate of gross domestic product and the total factor productivity to determine the type of development. Improving the institutional business environment in order to enhance the economic performance.

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  • Technological and institutional modernization of russian economic. Economy, business and "the main instrument of power". The findings of the games in the modernization of economic. Natural state, the order of open access and democracy in Russia.

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