Learning foreign languages

Studying of english language in topics: the history of the english language, higher education in Russia, in Great Britain and in USA. Student’s life at Oxford, Cambridge and in Moscow state university. Exercises and questions for learning topics.

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  • History of forming of scotch language and him some general signs with English. Feature of diphthongs - sounds the articulation of which implies a transition from one vowel to other. The Celtic language and highland English after replacing Gaelic.

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  • Aspects of teaching intensive reading students who are learning English as first foreign language. Techniques and exercises for the three phases teaching intensive reading, help teachers to stimulate students ' interest in reading literature in English.

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  • Lecture course in English. A selection of texts, including samples of old English, middle English and new England periods, with questions and tasks to them, as well as a common vocabulary to texts and a brief guide to their analysis and interpretation.

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  • Movement using in game learning. Using games to promote communicative skills in language learning. Feeling and grammar, listening activities. Competitive, cognitive games movement using in game learning. Meaning and translation and problem solving.

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  • General peculiarities of idioms. The classification of idioms. The role of idioms in English language learning. Characteristics of idioms with number. Usage of idioms with number in modern English. Frequency of occurrence of numbers in English idioms.

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  • Presentation and contrastive analysis of the negative aspects of identity. Determining the role of linguistic aspects of identity in the context of learning foreign languages. The summary, discussed during a conversation about learning a foreign language.

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  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland. Geographical Position of the British Isles. Britannic history. State structure. The two emblems of English lions. Culture, customs and traditions of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. "Union Jack".

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  • Nowadays English as an international language of human speech, indivisible part of society. Another language as a different vision of life. A common communication system. Knowledge of the customs and lifestyles of the peoples. Wednesday our thinking.

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  • The study of typology of a foreign language for the aims of teaching. The task of the teacher is to work out the system of exercises aimed at correcting, eliminating mistakes. Of methods and techniques of teaching particular sounds and their variants.

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  • The investigation of the effect of humor on teaching English language as a second language in order to define the relationship between humor and successful second language acquisition. Does humor help the English language learners study more effectively?

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