Ecological properties of aviation fuels and biofuels fuels sustainability

Biofuels — the product of blending absolutized ethanol, gasoline and special anti-corrosion additive. Characterization of specific features of influence of groups of chemical fuel composition on operational and environmental properties of jet oils.

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  • The analysis of the influence of methods for soilless forms reclamation using sewage sludge and waste mineral wool Grodan on their selected water, physicochemical, and chemical properties. Contents of organic carbon, total nitrogen in the native ground.

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  • Environmental management in foreign countries. Systematization of economic methods used in the field of environmental protection. The current environmental situation and its development trends. Improving the mechanisms of state environmental management.

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  • Features of detection of representatives of xylotrophic pyrenomycetes. Characteristics of wood substrate, placement in the ecological niche, and also specialization of all verified species to the stage of destruction of dead wood on the Renvall scale.

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  • Major global environmental issues. Analysis of increasing the degree of domestic comfort in modern technological civilization, the rapid deterioration of the ecological situation in the world. Catastrophic consequences of man-made pollution of nature.

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  • Parsing the ecological status of the territory of Ukraine. Analysis of climate change on Earth. An analysis of the problem of the shortage of fresh water on Earth. The problem of damage to the chemical balance of soil today.

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  • Assessing the impact of the environment on activity of industrial producers. Analysis of factors that act as more important determinants influencing the company to take specific environmental strategy. The relevance of stakeholders' positive action.

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  • The structure of the atmosphere and its levels. Sources of pollution of the Earth's air envelope and their negative impact on the overall environmental situation in the environment. The concept and justification of the effect of "global warming".

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  • Features human impact of environmental regulation environment. Sanitary, environmental, scientific, technical standardization in the field of environment and natural resources. Object recognition valuation assessment of human impact on the environment.

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  • Analysis of the likely effect of agri-environmental policy on other environmental issues: nutrient pollution and soil erosion. European Union agriculture policy provides an important opportunity to improve environmental management in the farming sector.

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  • Strategy for sustainable ecological and economic development. Organizational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving environmental policy objectives.

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