Ecological properties of aviation fuels and biofuels fuels sustainability

Biofuels — the product of blending absolutized ethanol, gasoline and special anti-corrosion additive. Characterization of specific features of influence of groups of chemical fuel composition on operational and environmental properties of jet oils.

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  • The world problems: the amount of energy that is consumed globally. Ecological impacts on the planet. Information communications technologies that have affected the ecology of the planet. Developing environmentally friendly products such as bio-fuels

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  • The study provides insight on major theoretical attempts to explain one of the core phenomena of ecological psychology: environmental concern. The relations between environmental concern and demographic parameters, social and environmental empathy.

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  • The relationship between economic growth and development and environmental degradation. The ecological sustainability of human settlements. Sustainable energy is the sustainable provision of energy that is clean and lasts for a long period of time.

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  • Analysis of information on the ecological environment of Mongolia in three areas. Environmental policy and program of action, the attention of the country's top leadership to environmental issues, stakeholder participation and development trends.

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  • Description of effective methods for detecting and assessing environmental pollution by the nuclear fuel cycle facilities using the example of a complex of radiological studies (exposure dose rate of radiation, specific activity of soil and vegetation).

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  • Characteristics of the main anthropogenic factors of environmental pollution. Analysis of the impact of industrial pollution on the atmosphere. The study of the problem of deforestation. Analysis of measures to create a system of ecological security.

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  • Analysis of economic and ecological problems of food industry enterprises on the example of producers of the Vinnytsia region. Features of comparative analysis of environmental payments that are due and actually paid by enterprises in the region.

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  • Recommendations for technical solutions and volumes of transfer of municipal boiler-houses on solid fuel to save natural gas. The results of the monitoring of the air environment of cities in Western Europe and the study of the spectrum of pollutants.

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  • Research and evaluation of the negative impact of the production, transportation and use of energy on the environment and ecosystems. Analysis of possible measures to minimize the impact of energy use on the environment. The danger of fossil fuels.

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  • The health impact of indoor air pollution in developing countries (respiratory infections, cancer, pulmonary disease, infant mortality). The interrelationship between poverty, dependence on polluting fuels and the importance of socioeconomic development.

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