Nanostructure formation in superior quality rails

Using transmission electron microscopy methods the layer by layer analysis of the bulk hardened superior quality rails is carried out, phase state and defect substructure gradients are established. Character of changing of structure-phase states.

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  • The optimization procedure in computer-aided design problem. The methodic of optimal weight coefficients values choice. The use of structural models in the form of tables and morphological trees of quality variants of the signs of aerial vehicles.

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  • Study of features of lysergic acid diethylamide opening. Characteristic aspects of cornflakes in the United States. Analysis of the background of the invention of the pacemaker. Characteristics based on the version of the discoverer of anesthesia.

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  • Description the current state of the use of natural artificial sweeteners, especially glucose-fructose syrup in the food industry. Methods of determination of the consistency of experimental samples by the method of gravitational penetration is describe.

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  • Getting the coordination compounds of Zn (II) and Cd (II) from 3-methoxybenzene acid hydrazide using hot etanolnyh or water-ethanol solutions in weakly acidic medium. Participation organic ligand molecules in the formation of solid Zn(II) і Cd(II).

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  • General characteristics of gas motor fuel. The current state of the market of gas motor fuel and infrastructure for use of CNG. Problems in the development of the NGV market and their solutions. Analysis of interest in the use of natural gaseous fuels.

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  • An analysis of demand in the semiconductor industry, covering all three phases of materials: gases, liquids and solids. The study of the peculiarities of application for solids which includes a semiconductor substrate, metal, dielectric, an organic film.

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  • Description of stress-strain state and transfer characteristics of piezoelectric elements with partial surfaces electrogalvanism. The power method of the analysis of the physical condition of the piezoelectric elements in the mode of forced oscillations.

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  • Analysis of the problem of recycling used tires. Search for methods of processing rubber waste. Investigation of foamed polymer compositions filled with rubber. The use of partial vulcanization to increase the interfacial interaction in the polymer blend.

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  • The recent work on Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAV) at the Institute of Aerospace Systems. Basics of MAV Research. Flightmechanical simulation. Wind tunnel tests. Overall controller system structure. The inertial measurement unit. On-Board computer structure.

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